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I am using a Netgear ProSafe Wireless Firewall/Print Server FWG114P ver. 2.  I only want to use the router to print through.  I have 92 laptops (I use Ghost) that all run WinXP Pro that need to print to an HP LaserJet 2200.  The laptop connects to the router with a patch cord, the router is connected to the printer via usb.  I can I print to the printer using the router?  Do I have to change the IP address in the printer properties of the laptops?
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DToolshedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, that printer is compatible with that router. On the laptops, if the printer was not installed, you set it up as a local printer (not networked) and create a new port (standard tcp/ip). If the laptops were already connecting to the printer through a share, then you may be able to just change the printer properties, depending on how they were originally setup. It may be easier just to install it as a new printer on each, then delete the "old printer" icon.

Printer installation is covered in the Reference Manual, chapter 7.
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