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Hello All,

We moved to a new Exchange Server 2003 from Exchange Server 2003 and on my Windows XP Pro workstation I have the Exchange Server Manager, and I cant locate where or how to remove the old server and add the new, I have so far uninstalled ESM from my system and reinstalled but it keeps coming up with the old server.    
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your stuffed then.
The workstation needs to be in the same domain.

You don't add and remove servers to ESM in that way. ESM on your workstation should be picking the information up from the domain.

How exactly did you move to a new server?

jimmyz1966Author Commented:
That explains it, the exchange server is in a different domain, out of india, I can logon to the server to admin it, but i wanted to do it locally.      
jimmyz1966Author Commented:
As always thanks for your help Sembee.
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