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I have office 97, 2k and 2k7 installed on my machine. the issue is that when i open a file it automatically opens in 2k7. i have to write all of my code in 97 initially because i have users in all three. so when i open a file, i first have to open the 97 program and then open the file. it's a pain. i forget to do it. i spend most of my morning hitting no, no, cancel, no, cancel, yes.... :)

does anyone know of a way that i can change my default office program from 2k7 to 97?

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jefftwilleyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you open your MyComputer to view your file winow

go to the tools option on the menu and select Folder options

it should open a pop-up form.

Select the File Types tab

IT will show you a list of all the types of extensions that your computer files have.

Scroll down to find your .mdb extension

Select the Change button

you should now be able to point to your A97 Access program.

when you're

then test.

Hope it helps!

I *think* you should be able to fix this by changing the settings on your file associations... but you are likely to always have problems with 2007 as it it going to configure itself each time you switch to a different version and then back again and I would guess that is going to mess up your file assications also.

adraughnAuthor Commented:
exactly. 2007 takes a few minutes to configure and it has become a hassle. besides selecting 'Open with' for every file, is there any way to change the default version for all of my office files?
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You can't simply change your File Type associations like older Winows versions?
adraughnAuthor Commented:
how do i do that?
adraughnAuthor Commented:
It worked! Thanks jeff... :)

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