Citrix PS4 Autocreated printer issue

We have Citrix Presentation Server 4 (recently replacing xp). We have a remote user with a printer attached to her PC. I have a policy created for her only that allows autocreation of her printers. While she is logged on, I can see her printer and print to it from Windows. However...

She connects to our Universe server via Telnet client. From there she types a print command to send a job to the printer. The print job is initiated from Universe to the shared printer on the Citrix server, which is tied to her local printer... in South Africa. We have no VPN between our offices.

The printer that is auto restored goes away when the user logs out. In XP it stayed there after we changed the description. I was able to use a test account on a local PC here with a similar model printer. I did the following:

1. Created an Autocreate policy for my test user
2. Logged in as my test user
3. Changed the name and description of the new autocreated printer
4. Shared the printer (printer name same as Universe printer name - a definate requirement)
5. Granted my remote user permissions to the printer (She gets an 'Access is denied' error unless I do this)
6. Changed the driver to the one Universe is expecting (Epson FX-100)
7. Logged out (my test printer remained connected)
8. Had my remote user connect
9. Changed the printer's port to the one created when she connected Success!
10. Had her log out, then back in... The port was different. I have to change the port each time she connects. NOT an optimal solution.

I need her to be able to print to the printer when she logs in without any interaction.
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Carl WebsterCommented:
You could try something real simple, on her auto created printer change the Comment text or remove it.  Citrix should not auto delete her printer when she logs off.

Carl WebsterCommented:
Also have a look at[1].0PrintingEnhancementsWhitepaper.pdf

ssoulagesAuthor Commented:
I tried the 'simple' solution first. The problem is that when she logs off, the printer DOES disappear. Her login acted totally different from my test user. They are members of the same groups and had the same Citrix policies applied. Her printer goes away when she logs out and comes back as a 'reconnected' printer when she logs in. My test user's printer just stays connected all the time.

I'll check out the pdf you referenced and see if it helps me get any closer. I'll post my success/failure as soon as I know. Thanks.
ssoulagesAuthor Commented:
Well $400 and a few days later we got it working. The PDF was a bit too low level to be helpful to me. It is great as a sleep aid though!

Here's my solution. I recognize that part of this may not be required, but once we got it working I decided to leave it alone.
Setup of Citrix Client Printers Policy
- Auto-Creation
      enabled (Auto-create all client printers)
- Legacy client printers
      enabled (Create old-style client printers)
- Printer properties retention
      enabled (Held in profile only if not saved on client)

Steps to Create and retain printer:
From starpraise, ensure printer path and name are correct
Set Citrix policy to match the above but turn autocreate off (not-configured) for now
Made the user a Citrix Admin
Added the printer (from the user's login)
Had the user log out
Removed admin rights, turned autocreate on
Had the user log back in again
From an admin login, change the following properties
      - Printer name (to match share name)
      - Share name (to match what universe is expecting)
      - Comment (whatever)
      - Security (add user's domain account)
      - Driver (epson fx-100 in this case)
Set auto-create to enabled (Auto-create all client printers)
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