Recover Data from Bad HDD

I've been working on rebuilding my computer because my hard drive died (simply quit working) so I bought a new hard drive, a faster processor and motherboard. Now what I really need to do is retrieve some of the data from the old drive. It is a Maxtor model 34098H4. It doesn't seem to matter how I set the jumpers I can't get the drive recognized. if I set as Primary master and connect it to a working computer as the only drive I get the message that the Primary drive failed. If I set it as cable select and connect it to a working computer as the only drive I get the message that the Primary drive failed. If I set it as slave with a known working HDD the computer boots but the slave drive is not recognized. If I use my USB/SATA/IDE cable and connect it to my computer it doesn't find the drive. Do you know any trick I can try to hopefully recover the data I am missing?


Robert EhingerIT specialistAsked:
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If you HDD die it doesn't matter how you connect it - it'll don't work.
I can't see easy way in this case if you can't pay for the information restoring.
Try: to recovery data on that drive.
Also try: see if it can access the drive by any chance and copy data off that drive.
you can try replacing the logic board, but NO guarantee it will work ! :      
but if the drive is not recognised, no software can help.
you need to use a data recovery cY like Gillware if you need the data :      
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Robert EhingerIT specialistAuthor Commented:
If I set the drive as master it is recognized by the BIOS. It won't boot, though. I get the message that the Primary drive failed. Is there a way to use the command prompt, do a dir on the drive, find the files I need and copy them to a floppy?
Robert EhingerIT specialistAuthor Commented:
Also, part of the problem could be that I am not sure where the jumpers should be for the drive to be a slave. it is a Maxtor 40GB model 34098H4. I checked the web site and could not find this particular model.
Ok, If drive recognized by the BIOS that sound better.
You can start system from CD/diskette and start recovery programm.
You can try to connect this HDD via USB case too.
Pay attention that it could be better if you start reocovery program first in read only mode to unserstood what happends with your data.
i would connect the disk as slave, so i have a working pc to run the recovery soft (if it works) - here some links ( GetDataBack and Stellar are among the best ) :,collid,1295,00.asp            Free Recovery                  pc Inspector -free                                    GetDataBack                                    Stellar                              RecoverMyFiles                                    Restorer 2000                  Easy Recovery                        Restoration

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