Crystal Report Hyperlink Problem - Need to use a relative path.

I have a crystal report (built with XI) in my ASP.Net 1.1 web application.

One of the fields has a hyperlink that opens a subreport.

Everything works great, but I am now creating another instance of my application in a different folder and would like to be able to have a relative link.

the link right now is:

My first pereference is to make this totally relative and just have:
{RELATIVE PATH DIRECTIVE} & "Subreport.aspx?Subject=Lessons"

If it would be possible to tie this to something in the web.config file that would be acceptable as well.

FYI - All ASPX files associated with reports and all RPT files sit in the same folder.
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check the hyperlink option through asp.NET i guess there is an option for the relative path

you can do this with pictures this I am sure off
PapaLoraxAuthor Commented:
you mean to adjust the hyperlink property through the ASP page?

How would I do that?
in the design mode right click on the hyperlinnk and click properties

check the options there

I am not quite sure but its worth trying

its been a while since I last used ASP.NET
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If you have an asp:hyperlink then to adjust on the fly use

<asp:hyperlink id="yourId" ...anything else...  runat="server" />

On the code behind:

yourId.NavigateUrl = "your path";

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PapaLoraxAuthor Commented:
I am not sure I understand. The hyperlink in on the Main Crystal Report output. I use the Crystal Reports Hyperlink option to link to an ASPX page that displays another crystal report (which pulls just a subset of data based on passing parameters in the HTML).

Another way to ask is -- is there a way to pass the "Virtual directory" name into a crystal report so that I can use it in a crystal report hyperlink.
Sorry - I guess I am not sure what exactly you are looking for.
No way tpo pass the "virtual directory" that i know of.

PapaLoraxAuthor Commented:
Is there a way on a Crystal Reports Hyperlink to read from web.config or an application variable?
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