Error installing dotnetfx

Installing dotnetfx.exe  get an error that it can not find tmp31.tmp.  Any ideas?
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Are you an admin when you run the install?

It sounds like dotnetfx, unpacks things and one of the temporary files can't be located after unpacking.  Could be a number of things.  One thing could be that it gets placed in a bad sector on the hard drive..  If you aren't running as an admin this could cause all sorts of problems also.

Just some thoughts.

If you really want to see exactly what's going on go to and download the Filemon.exe.  Log in as Admin, run Filemon.exe, filter out anything you don't care about and be sure to be in capture mode, then run dotnetfx.exe.  When it fails, stop capturing in Filemon and then look through everything. If you see Access Denied or other errors, they may help you determine the cause of the problem.


drmarstonAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick response.  I got the local administrator part covered.
drmarstonAuthor Commented:
After fighting a downward spiral (Install hung.. could'nt re-install, couldn't un-install) I manually removed .net, then re-installed..
MS KB# 320112

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ok. Did that fix it?

It does happen.
drmarstonAuthor Commented:
Yup, that fixed it
Glad it works now!

The unwritten rule for Microsoft software is:

No matter how absurd the idea sounds, one of the following three things often(but not always) fixes the problem no matter what it is:

1.)  Reboot
2.)  Reinstall
3.)  Restart (process)
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