DC Server 2003 lsass.exe utilization high

I have a win 2003 server running as a DC and it seems that LSASS.EXE stays near 100% cpu utilization.
My problem seems very similar to the older question:

Based on the info from that question I looked at the performance meter and the current bandwidth for the network adapter seems to stay at 100%.
The site is to large to turn off and on computers, but I did look at the LED on the switch for this interface and it does not look as frantic as I expected it to look.
Looking at network packets sent and recieved in the performance meter seems to average 25-30 a sec for each, which does not seem excessive to me.
The machine is a server 2003 standard (SP1) with dual 2.4 GHz xenon and 1 GB ram.
Its only role is DC for a network of less than 150 computers.
The NIC is a gigabit Broadcom, and the second NIC is disabled.
Any thoughts on this appreciated.
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Computerguy107Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is a link to get you started.

Use Esentutl when Ntdsutil tool fails to repair the Active Directory database
It sounds like you are having problems with active directory. If you have a backup I would go to your backup. Active directory can become corrupt and cause this. There are repair tools to repair active directory but I would go to a backup.

Also I have seen viruses cause this.
brucedeltaAuthor Commented:
I doubt it is a virus as there are no other sign and the system has McAffe enterprise on it.

I am trying to track down additional data that shows these symptoms relate to Active directory problems.

In reality if the system were not slugish when logged on I would not notice the problem, as there is noting in the event log or such, but when I log on it is slugish and I looked at the perf monitor to see high CPU utilization.  Other than that all seems to be running OK.
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