text box IE vs Firefox ??

I created a text box for my web page.  In IE the text box appears wider than in Firefox.  I want the text box to look the same no matter what browser it is in.  If not, at least the same in Firefox and IE.  

How can I do this?

I have tried using CSS and it doesnt seem to work.

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Can you post the code you've used so far?

That will help us tremendously in figuring out what's going on and how to fix it!

<input type="text" style="width:100px;" />
Saqib KhanSenior DeveloperCommented:
I tested in both brosers, and you code looks ok to me and looks same in both Browsers.
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mmedi005Author Commented:
Hear is the thing, in my office, the text box looks the same on my computer, and others, but i have other computers stretching the textbox over the button.  

What are some resons why this would happen, i want everyone to be able to see it teh same way.  Is there a way to create the text in photoshop?
mmedi005Author Commented:
typo, on hear, teh, and whatever else i misspelled, sorry,

what characters make the submit crash?  having trouble copy paste code to post on teh forum...

thx again
Some of the reasons for variability in the rendering of forms:

  * Forms elements can be quirky from browser to browser.
  * You can pretty much guarantee that submit buttons will look different, scrollbars will appear by default on empty textareas in most browsers, but not in FireFox, appearance of checkboxes, radio buttons, and dropdowns will vary.
  * If your users have installed a theme or otherwise customized the look of their browser, variability increases.  
  * You can use CSS to style form elements, but when I doing so, they often started looking more different instead of more alike at first.
  * Users who have specified their own default stylesheet or set the default size of the text may see different-sized or different-looking form elements.
  * Use of a forms tool like the one in the Google search bar will hijack background colors of some fields, making them yellow.

I do a lot of forms, and I deal with this by setting widths as indicated by steelseth12, trying to get things approximately the same, but expect variability nonetheless.

Kiran Paul VJComputer EngineerCommented:
what steelseth12 posted should work fine.

some things worth noting,

1. Did u disable styles in FF
2. Is the resolution of computer same in both cases
3. Did you installed any addons in FF that alter the CSS styles
4. Does your adblocker blockes the style sheet in which the styles are written.

mmedi005Author Commented:
Those are issues that I can't help when it all depends on the persons computer.  I do use a style sheet.  What are the most important properties that I would need.  What would not make teh textbox change unless you really have bad settings on your pc?  

thx again
In my stylesheets I generally have something like:

input {
font-family: [make sure it's set at the same font as the rest of the site];
font-size: [same size, or a bit smaller than the site's standard];

And, beyond that, just specify the width as steelseth12 indicated in a style= parm.  

I've played with setting border styles and colors, as well as padding/margin, but haven't taken that very far.  The initial work seemed to make things more different instead of more alike between browsers and machines.


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