What is the equivalent of ASP action = Request("action") --> in ASPX webpages ?


I do this all the time in ASP webpages

     action = Request("action")

What is the equivalent in ASPX webpages ?


--- Mike

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ASP.Net by default always posts to itself, so the action of a form will always be what you would see in the address bar and the method by default is always: method="post"
MikeCombeAuthor Commented:
sorry......I'm trying to READ Name/Value pairs using ASPX.
How to I do that ?

-- Mike
how you read variables from one page to another will depend on how the variables got to the second page from the first...

if on page1 you have a asp.net textbox with ID="textbox1" and then to get to page 2, you do:


then on page2, request still works:
dim str as string = request("textbox1")

session and querystring work pretty much like in old asp...
Session("something") = "Hi"
Dim str as string = "33"
response.redirect("page2.aspx?Myvar=" & str)

dim str1 as string = session("something")
dim str2 as string = request.querystring("Myvar")

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there are some things to keep in mind when using server.transfer though...
May be in C# (just convert samtran0331 idea):

You can use QueryString to pass data through pages.

Session("something") = "Hello";
string value = textbox1.Text;
Response.Redirect("page2.aspx?Name=" + value);

// aspx page .. then question mark ?  : page.aspx -> ? -> NAME= -> VALUE if you wanna add more pair NAME/VALUE .. just add &.
//like:  Response.Redirect("page2.aspx?Name1=value1&Name2=value2&Name3=value3);

string message = session("something");
string value = Request.QueryString("Name");

Just in case you need C# code

MikeCombeAuthor Commented:
sorry.....it's not that complicated....

given:    myWebpage.aspx?Fruit=Apple
how do I get the name value pair ?....
In ASP I would use...
                Fruit = Request("Fruit")
How do I do that with ASPX ?


You can use:

string fruit = Request.QueryString("Fruit");
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