I have an office that we are trying to make accessible through remote connection.  All we need to do is make a group of files (like word documents and excel files) shared to our employees from  their homes and on the road.... We have 4 computers at the office right now, and they all dump their shared files onto one of the computers in a folder called "work files".

I just need to make sure the method of accessability is solid and we wont have problems with it.....

We dont want to add a dedicated server

How would I do this???
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sirbountyCommented: is one solution for remote control is another
Or you could setup a vpn into your device (
Or one of many VNC options
I assume you have an internet connection at the office. So I would suggest you buy a vpn-capable router if you don't have one and let the mobile users build vpn connections to the office. This way they should be able to access the "work files" folder on the existing computer.
mrjdayAuthor Commented:
I dont want to completely share the computer as 'sirbounty' suggested (with logmein or gotomypc). I simply want to share that one folder...So like.... if i would be on the outside, i would simply type in an address and there would display a folder tree that you could download from.....

Hope this clarifies the situation a little better
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VPN is the route you'll want to use then...
If you have XP running you could also setup the "work files" folder as a virtual directory in a website (setup IIS), configure it for https (needs a third-party certificate) and add a portforwarding for port 443 on your router (if your router is capable of this).

But thats just a possible solution. I recommend getting a vpn router if you don't have one. They are not too expensive nowadays.

As for the VPN connection its highly recommended to get a fixed public IP address for this. You could run DynDNS also but thats quite unreliable.


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mrjdayAuthor Commented:
"the kirschi", when i set up a vpn router, will we simply type in the public ip address and then enter a username/password to access the files??
that depends on the router. normally for a router of the cheaper category you can use the built-in windows "vpn client" where you just specify a username and a password, yes.
mrjdayAuthor Commented:
So does anyone know where to find an online guide to setting up all this stuff??

I appreciate everyone's help here
As has been suggested already, you either have your own static public IP address, or you use a dynamic name service.
Personally, I've never had issue with Dyndns...have used it for years.

Presumably, you're using a dynamic address for your network and private addressing (NAT) behind your router.
If that's the case, go to and register for a free dynamic name service.  Depending on your SOHO router, you may have an auto-update feature built in that will keep this up-to-date for you (my Linksys does).
Otherwise, you get an email, I think once every quarter/6 months and you simply click on it to re-register your IP address.
This allows connections to come to you through where somewhere is a name you describe and is a domain that provides to you (I used for my home one). details how to setup the VPN server to accept incoming connections - very nice walkthrough.
Another possible solution to this would be to enabale the remote desktop on the PC with the necesary files on it.

You would need to setup network address port translation on the Router.  This is a simple way of accessing a PC in the office remotely.  Easy to configure and not too hard to setup from a security point of view.

You need to assess the enviroment in which you want to access office resources, if it is from internet cafes; this would not be a good solution.  However if it's just from home access or from a wireless hotpsot it'll work fine.

If you want to know about this let me know.
AlexanderREnterprise Web DeveloperCommented:
Try setting up an ftp server ( is realy good, with lots of control of who and how accesses your folder) and publish that one directry.  On your router forward port 21 to that computer and if you dont have a static IP, then use DynDns
FTP is really a security issue. So I would highly recommend using https or VPN to encrypt traffic.
As I already mentioned I found DynDNS to be not very reliable.
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