How do I uncover deleted IE6 browser history ?

Hi folks,

Running xp home with Internet Explorer V6.0.

If I go to the "tools menu", then "Internet options" then "clear history" of visited pages and "delete files" after a day of surfing,

Is there a way of someone going back in and seeing the pages i visited ?

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nope not really. if you have google check its history too.
if you want to doubly ensure just run ccleaner and also delete the index.dat file
Index.dat file--What is Index.dat file ?

but once the history is cleared and cookies temp ie files are deleted your pretty safe
one way to test it usually a previously visited web page will be coloured differently from the un-used.

>>Is there a way of someone going back in and seeing the pages i visited ?<<

It all depends on how savvy they are with computers.
Deleting files and clearing history via Tools > Internet Options, does not remove the traces of the webpages that you visited.

Every sites that you visited, the history etc, are stored in windows .dat files, and they can be viewed with any .dat viewer, like "Index.Dat Suite" for example.

You might also like to clear the auto-complete so all the typed urls won't show just in case they start typing anything in the url.

Tricky1974Author Commented:
Thanks GamerGirl thats interesting,

Is "Index.Dat Suite" part of windows like regedit or is it a third party or shareware type utility ?
How long would that history stay there for ? days weeks years ?

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Tricky1974 read what I provided above about the index.dat.
Tricky1974Author Commented:
Hi Merete,

Sorry i missed your first post !

Looks interesting, downloaded Super Winspy 3.2 and it only had 1022 records in the index.dat list.

This is only 1 days worth, is it possible to go back further ? or modify a file to make the record store more ?

I'm trying to trace what someone is doing on my pc when i'm out of the office, without installing a specific spy recorder type program.

Is that possible ?
It depends if the user has deleted their history, the index.dat is the record of their browsing  if it has only one day then they must have deleted the history.
The index.dat is deep as you can go really, it covers all the internet usage. And that means all.
But what they are doing on your computer is again different, you do have the my recent documents to check what has been opened.
To display the My Recent Documents folder on the Start menu:
 1. Right-click Start, and then click Properties. Or, if the Start menu is already displayed, right-click an empty area of the Start menu, and then click Properties.
2. Click Customize.
3. Click the Advanced tab.
4. Under Recent documents, click to select the List my most recently opened documents check box, click OK, and then click OK. The next time you click Start, the My Recent Documents command is displayed on the Start menu.  
In control panel administrative tools event viewer there is a list of what has been started over any time.
look in your firewall logs, it will all be there!
You can use programs such as keyloggers to monitor all activity on your computer

if you feel your computer is being threatened you can create separate accounts for different family members and password protect each account then no one will access your account.


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With Index.Dat Suite is a third party utility that lets you can handle dat files anyway you like, you can see all the urls that all users had visited. You can delete them or delete just some whichever you like.

Index.Dat Suite:
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