Positioning problems in FF and IE

1. Why does this page http://www.richel.org/grk/nindex.html looks decent in IE7 ( and Dreamweaver as well) but awful in FF? It looks like FF starts each layer first with an empty line that I cannot get rid off.
2. Is hspace not supported by IE7? See 'Mine your own business' picture

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TNameConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this (at the very top of your css file!):

* {margin-top:0;}       /*   or   margin:0;   */
The page looks fine for me in firefox and IE 7. There's no differences between the two.  Perhaps you have some strange unique settings in FF that are causing the issue. Create a new firefox profile and open the page with that to see if it looks better for you.
TheoRichelAuthor Commented:
Tname, thanks, that did the trick.

Cerisco 96 didnt apparently see it, but it was there definitely (it is now repaired). The two blocks in the column about Vaclav Klaus overlapped top bottom.

The hspace problem is still there however.
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hspace and vspace are considered deprecated (remember, content:html  -  presentation:css) and should be replaced by css values, e.g.
margin-left and margin-right instead of hspace, margin-top and margin-bottom instead of vspace...

For that image for example, you could define the margins like this if you want 4px left and right, 0px top and bottom:

<img src="nindex_files/Myobklein.jpg" alt="myobklein" align="left" height="90" style="margin:0 4px 0 4px" width="180">
<img src="nindex_files/Myobklein.jpg" alt="myobklein" align="left" height="90" style="margin:0 4px" width="180">
BTW, just viewed the page (and the Myobklein.jpg image) in IE7, and hspace works for me in IE7 too.
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