Using a drop down list in ASP.NET with ListItemCollection.

Hello, in a class called UserNames, i have the following

  public static ListItemCollection GetUserListItems(ProfileCommon Profile) {
    ListItemCollection Items = new ListItemCollection();

    System.Web.Profile.ProfileInfoCollection pic = System.Web.Profile.ProfileManager.GetAllProfiles(System.Web.Profile.ProfileAuthenticationOption.All);
    foreach (System.Web.Profile.ProfileInfo prof in pic) {
      ListItem Item = new ListItem();

      Item.Value = Profile.GetProfile(prof.UserName.ToString()).UserName.ToString();

      Item.Text = Profile.GetProfile(prof.UserName.ToString()).LastName.ToString() + ", " +
        Profile.GetProfile(prof.UserName.ToString()).FirstName.ToString() + " (" +
        Profile.GetProfile(prof.UserName.ToString()).UserName.ToString() + ")";
    return Items;

in my web form code i have the following under page_load

      drpOwner.DataSource = UserNames.GetUserListItems(Profile);
      Response.Write(drpClient.SelectedValue.ToString());  //<--- Shows the full name, not just what should be (should just be a username) in the value from the static function (above)
      drpClient.SelectedValue = "test"; //<-- Comes back as saying this is a null item.  Should not be.
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wd006451Author Commented:
Also is what im trying to do is just set the default username to the username of "test"

drpOwner.DataSource = UserNames.GetUserListItems(Profile);
drpOwner.datatextfield = "text";

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wd006451Author Commented:
Thanks, can you exlpain that a little bit more?  It worked, but im not sure what/why im doing that?
Basically you are assigning which filed in the ListItemCollection should be used as the text and which field should be used as the value.

You would think that since the text field is named text and the value field named value that it would work automatically, but it does not when binding to a ListItemCollection.
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