NTFS permissions

We are currently using Excel spreadsheets for our timesheets, and I need some help with NTFS permissions.  If I do not give our users the right to delete files in their timesheet folder, then Excel temporary files pile up in the folder that contains their timesheet.  I do not want them to be able to delete their timesheets, but I do not want to be clearing out all of the built up temporary files from each time they open their timesheet.  Any suggestions on how I might tackle this one with advanced NTFS permissions or some other method?
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I would hit it from a system standpoint...let the System account do your cleanup...

From a command prompt,
schtasks /create /ru system /sc daily /st 15:00:00 /tn ExcelCleanup /tr "cmd /c del c:\Data\*.tmp"

Changing the path and file name specification as necessary...
mauisunAuthor Commented:
Thanks for an amazingly quick reply!  That certainly sounds like the right way to handle it.  So, can I assume that there is no way around this one by just altering advanced NTFS permissions?
mauisunAuthor Commented:
I tried your scheduled task example and it worked perfectly.  Can this task be made to delete all temporary files within subfolders since each user has their own subfolder within a common timesheet folder, or do I need to create an individual task for each user folder?
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Of cause you could delete all files and subfolders then it would be something like:


but keep in mind that open excel sheets also got some temp files, so I suggest you delete just files that are older then e.g. 7 days.

Take this script instead:


summed up it would be: (resusing sirbounty's good suggestion)

schtasks /create /ru system /sc daily /st 15:00:00 /tn ExcelCleanup /tr "cscript deloldfiles.vbs c:\dba\log 7"

deloldfiles.vbs is able to scan and delete in subfolders.

Sure, that could work - I was under the impression this would be run after-hours...
If that's the case, just drop a /s on the end of the prior command:

schtasks /create /ru system /sc daily /st 15:00:00 /tn ExcelCleanup /tr "cmd /c del c:\Data\*.tmp /s"

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mauisunAuthor Commented:
Thanks, sirbounty!  That is the exact solution that I needed.  It works perfectly.
Glad I could help.  Thanx for the grade! :^)
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