parsing textarea field: new line, comma, or semicolon

I have a textarea field for email addresses and allow separatation by comma, semicolon or new line.

parsing textarea: new line, comma, or semi colon

I use this to normalize line endings:

$email_field = preg_replace("/(\015\012\015\012)|(\015\015)|(\012\012)/","\n",$email_field);

Now i could explode() on "\n' and  loop through lines and explode on "," and ";"  but I was wondering if it was possible to turn this into a one-liner and have the results put in an array.

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Harisha M GCommented:
Add one more choice, and it will be alright:

$emails = split("/\x0D|\x0D+|\x0A+|(\x0D\x0A)+|(\x0A\x0D)+|,+|;+|/",$email_field);
$email_field = preg_replace("/,|;/","\n",$email_field);

$emails = explode("\n",$email_field);
Harisha M GCommented:
How about this... You don't need even the normalization:

$email_field = <<<EMAILS;,

$emails = split("/\x0D+|\x0A+|(\x0D\x0A)+|(\x0A\x0D)+|,+|;+|/",$email_field);

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drew22Author Commented:
close but it doesn't seem to work with single \r :   x0D   (chr 13)

$email_field = '' .chr(13) .''.chr(13) .  '';

I using this hack right now:
    $emails = explode('|', str_replace (array("\r\n", "\n", "\r",';',','), '|', $email_field));

drew22Author Commented:
is preg_spilt() better/faster than split?
Harisha M GCommented: says:

preg_split(), which uses a Perl-compatible regular expression syntax, is often a faster alternative to split()

So you can use preg_split instead of split()

Also, if you use that, this shorter code seems to work:

$emails = preg_split("/[\x0D\x0A+;,]+/",$email_field);

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