Need cable/dsl router for multiple WAN static IPs

I need an affordable cable/dsl router than can support multiple static IPs on the WAN side. I have 3 computers and I want each to get a separate WAN IP address provided my ISP. Regular Netgear and Linksys routers only support one WAN IP address.
I know GIGAFAST routers do support upto 8 WAN Static IP and multiple DMZ. Are there any others? Please tell me what are my options?
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
Actually most low end router manufacturers have dual WAN port routers, such as the Linksys RV042 and Netgear has one as well, though I forget the model #. However, they do not make combined modem/router units with multiple WAN IP's. If you are wanting to stick to low end routers, rather than corporate units, you can simply purchase a basic modem, and then connect to it a $20 switch, with 3 $30 routers, each with their own WAN IP. This actually works very well.
Have a look at the Draytek range or get a secondhand netscreen or checkpoint off ebay
Justin MaloneSystem AdministratorCommented:
linksys routers can support many wan ip address but there are some other questions that need to be awnsered. and if there simply arent enough options you can always flash your firmware

are your static ip address truly static? or do you have some type of static address that reqires a PPPoE connection sutch as AT&T's version of static address.
and 2nd do all  ports on all of your computers really have to be open? or is is possible to open spcific ports for each device that needs a static address and simply use port mapping
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Linksys RV0x series is a good choice.
Most any firewall. If you have the budget I'd go for a Cisco ASA5505. You can go with a used PIX off e-bay or something, but you'll have a hard time upgrading it to the latest OS. Most any Cisco router that has 2 Ethernet interfaces..
It sort of depends on why you want to do this, what your other requirements are, what your budget is, and any number of other factors.
sdsolAuthor Commented:
Hi what I am trying to do is run web, ftp, terminal and other services on all 3 computers. I want each computer to be accessible with a static IP address. So there will be 3 Static IPs used given by my ISP.

If it is still not clear please let me know. I am looking for one device which can do it. I had Gigafast ER-400 model but it has gone bad. Looking for something like that please suggest make and model. Really appreciate your response.
Justin MaloneSystem AdministratorCommented:
shouldnt be a problem with a linksys but it will depend on how mutch traffic you expect. also your isp matters people like AT&T have this crazy thing they call "Sticky Static"  and some all in one solutions for dsl would either be a 2wire or a netopia dsl modem/router
sdsolAuthor Commented:
Linksys only let me add one static IP address and there is option for only one DMZ host. How can I add more DMZ hosts?
Lynksys RV0xx series will let you use multiple static public to private maps

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Justin MaloneSystem AdministratorCommented:
once again it all depends on your ISP
you may be given static address in the form of a wan/lan deal this means you have a /30 ip address for an outside connection from your router to the isp and another block of ip address that you put on the local side of your router. in this configuration just about any linksys will do. if you have multiple address thenyou likely have a block of address sutch as a /28 if its just a matter of getting your computers all connected staticly then you could also set up your linksys pppoe and put in a fake user/pass (it will basicly bridge your router) and all of your computers will have their static address or mabie your isp does pppoe where you need to authenticate pppoe in witch case you would simply set up your linksys pppoe and then set up your statics on your lan side

so really what im getting at is what is your setup? this question is really really simple but in order for us to give you that exact awnser you are looking for we need to know more details about how your isp handles static address.
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