Mcafee 7.1 .DAT updates

Hello again, Now that I have my workstations receiving the .dat files from my local server and not retrieving them from the Internet, I'm a bit confused on why the scheduled time that the workstations are to receive the .dat, they actually don't.  I am running Mcafee VS Ent. 7.1 and ePo 3.5.

I thought that since the workstations are receiving the file weekly at 5pm that by the next day, at the latest, the update should have occured.

Will you please assist me with this?  Thanks
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younghvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can configure all of the schedules/times from your ePO console.

Your repository function can check for updates as frequently as you like (at the McAfee web site).
Your Agents can be configured to 'wake up' and compare repository DAT's to local host DAT's as often as you like (my default was always 30 minutes).

Just for insurance, I would always run the 'Agent Wake Up' as soon as I hit the door in the morning.

The 'Report' function is going to be your key on tracking this stuff.
Run the 'DAT' report (forget name, but it shows DAT status of 'Current' through '5 or more DAT's out') and then start tracking down any box that is not current.

Usually the Agent wake up call will get things current, but sometimes you have to did a little to find out why a computer did not update.

Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Hello lazik,

Why are you still running 7.1? we are on 8.5i now?

>>workstations are receiving the file weekly at 5pm

Dats come out evey day now monday to friday :)


lazikAuthor Commented:
Excellent info once again Vic- Thank you and I'll research these areas more- lazik
"did a little" s/b:
"DIG a little".

Thank you for promptly closing this and the points - too often questions will languish into obscurity.

However ..... as soon as you 'accept' an answer, it disappears from view and no one else can offer any other insights.

There are several folks around (PeteLong, Dave, Si, etc) who are all over this ePO stuff and can really contribute to your management of it (as opposed to us retired guys).

Also, this is "Easter Sunday", so you won't get nearly the eyes on a question that you will on regular work days.

Letting a question accumulate responses for a day or two won't offend any of the experts and you can pick up some really good scoop.

Specifically - the 7.1 vs 8.5i point that Pete makes.
We (military) had world-wide site licenses, so version updates were automatic and free.
I don't know if that is true for other folks, but the guys like Pete can really help you with that.

Keep in mind the 'split points' option to reward all and sundry who contribute - 'some' Experts have been known to monitor all questions from the more generous authors.

Final tip - always include the words "ePO" and "McAfee" in the title of your questions and they will automatically be emailed to those of us with it in our filters.

Thank you again, and see you the next time.

(All of the above is simply one man's opinion and not endorsed by anyone else remotely connected with this site).
lazikAuthor Commented:
Great point and thanks for the info-
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