Using windows 2000 server as a router

Hi I have an SBS 2003 server configured with 2 nics one for internet access connected to a ADSL router, and two for my internal network which plugs into a switch.  There is also a wireless access point connected into the switch which my notebook uses to connect to my SBS network.

I have an old laptop which has a broken screen which I have installed a windows 2000 server on it has 2 nics one an onboard nic and two a wirless nic, neither which have been configured yet.

I want to use this 2000 server a router so I don't have to run network cable into an awkward location and I mean awkward. I want to set it up so that all trafic coming into the WLAN adapter on the 2000 server gets routed out through the LAN adapterand into thesecond switch and vice versa, so the wireless connects up to the SBS network and the LAN connects to a second switch and I can then plug any other PC's into the second switch and have network access mainly internet access from my SBS network.

If this does not make sense please leave a message and I will try and explain it beter.
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The basics of win2k routing are covered in this document:

regards, Davorin
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