Samba share trough VPN is slow but only because of a bad winxp feature

Hi there.
I have setup a openvpn solution where the server is a win2003, and clients are winxp.
I can connect just fine, and browsing the samba share seems fast.
When I right click on a file to do something like copy, file open or what ever.
Winxp starts downloading the file, making the user have to wait until the whole file is downloaded, before it shows the menu!
This is a big problem when the file is big.

I have tried different explorer replacements, and infact the ones that do have it's own built right click menu, will seem fast, and the ones that shows the same right click menu as standard explorer will have the same slow sympthoms. problem is that I like to have features like open with, svn menu, svn icons, etc. Infact I like to have it just as the standard explorer, only that it dosen't download files before the right click menu is shown! by the way, if one right clicks a folder the problem is not there! (and if one selects two files, where one is 500MB and one is 1MB, and the mouse is located over the 1MB, and then do a right click, windows downloads only the 1MB file, and the menu is shown pretty fast )
I have to add, if the user use the edit menu from the menu bar of explorer, and for example click copy. no download happens before one paste the files. (offcource if one goes to the file menu there, it starts downloading again!)

so do anyone know of a solution for my problem?? (tweak, hack or whatever!)

After inspecting some more. how come when the samba share is accessed trough LAN, it would not download on the right click, because if you right click on a 10GB file on LAN it goes fast!
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Try removing everything from the right click context menu, and see if it still downloads the file.  What if one of the programs (i.e. WinZip, symantec antivirus) downloads the file for analysis on a right click.

Try uninstalling antivirus.  Maybe it scans the whole file on a right click.

You mentioned Samba, yet also mentioned Windows 2003 server.  Are you using the regular 2003 sharing?  Or are you running this with Samba on a Linux box?

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thor918Author Commented:
well I tried the same thing from a workstation where nothing special is installed.
only thing is avast antivirus.  I tried also to setup webdav, because I was thinking that would speed things up. using webdrive (webdav client), it goes faster but it will still start a download when it right clicks. Perhaps I'm mistaken on my conclusion that it downloads the file when using samba and right click, but it sure feels like it does. and it get's slower the bigger file one right clicks.

i'm using sharing functionality of the windows 2003 server.

using another webdav client "BitKinex" everything is like heaven, exept that one loses the simlicyty of the system. And using samba shares you have all the practical usermenues for (svn, winrar... etc)

thanks for the tip:
I will check out if it is the antivirus that is forcing it to download.
thor918Author Commented:
jupp. solution is found!
It was infact winzip and winrar that where the sinners....
removing those from the menu solved it

Thanks for the pointers.
I will leave the question open a day or two, and then you will get experts-points.
Cool, glad you found it.  I'm surprised that Winzip would download the entire file just to give you some information about it.  That's good to know on a LAN environment as well when trying to locate a bottleneck on a file server.
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