Large number of internet sessions - ?Virus or ?Hacker

Hi Experts. I have received a broadband connection Alert from BT. Error: The following devices on your network are using a large number of internet sessions. ADVENT -7113. They say it is a blaster virus most probably. If I google this term I get mostly references to a Laptop. Could this be a sign that someone using this type of laptop is ripping off my connection. Thanks!
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r-kConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"We have a WEP key enabled"

I would suggest switching to WPA instead for greater security. WEP is fairly easy to break.

Would be interesting to see the results of "netstat -ab" when you back at the shop.
AndrewCinkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It does not sound like someone with a laptop is causing problems with your connection, although if you have a public wireless access point, maybe they are using your connection wirelessly to send this bad traffic.

It sounds like you may have an infected machine on your network. If you have a log of some sort, try to look for which IP is sourcing the traffic, then take it off your network until you can clean it with antivirus software. If you have a firewall, you can look through its logs to see your sessions and where they are coming from if it's a decent one.

If not, you'll have to play a guessing game and go through all of the machines on your network and either unplug them or clean them until you find the infected machine(s).

If you do have a wireless access point, I recommend changing the SSID, not broadcasting the SSID, and set up a password for access so that malcontents cannot easily get on to your network to send this sort of traffic.

How many machines are on your network?

If just a few, open a command window on each and type:

> netstat -ab

to see what sessions are open.

If you have a wireless access point then do lock it down with WPA as suggested by Andy above.
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NasturtiummanAuthor Commented:
Hi Its in my shop, and I`m at home now, but there is a wireless router, but only one PC connected. My son uses his laptop there. We have a WEP key enabled, and SSID broadcast disabled.
NasturtiummanAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys will report back in a couple of days N.
I may misunderstand, but if there is only one wireless PC, I'd recommend disabling the wireless and try using a wired connection for a couple days and see if it goes away. That would at least eliminate the possibility of someone else using the wireless. Then you could be sure it's definitely a device inside your network...
NasturtiummanAuthor Commented:
Problem solved, it was in fact my son's laptop!, but I have improved my security based on your advice. Thank-you!
Thanks. Glad things are better now.
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