Buying a new printer

Hi all,

I am about to buy a laser printer, so far I have had only ink inject printers.
It's primary use is for a student (no need for high resolution printing, 600x600 is just fine)

within my price range, you can find these printers, I will put in paranthesis how much it costs (it has been translated from another currency)
Xerox Phaser 3117 (87$)
HP LaserJet 1018 (100$)
Samsung ML1610 (95$)
Samsung ML2010 (102$)

I tend to go for the Xerox, as in my country there is a website that people post comments on products and this got great amount of good comments, the others got much less. and besides, it is being sold at more amount of stores than any other printer (except the HP LasterJet1018)

I would like to know what are a laser-printer consumables? i mean, what will i need to replace and when, and what is it's relative price to the printer cost. what's that drum everybody speaks about ?
(tell me also about the ink - how many pages? is there some kind of absolute that i can compare ? such as ml in the cartridge etc)

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A manual feed is a slot (separate from the paper tray) for feeding things like envelopes. To use it, just insert your paper, envelope, label sheet, etc into the slot and the printer will print on it.

As for the drum, it is the optically sensitive surface that attracts toner after being exposed to light (by the laser beam). In most black and white laser printers, the drum is part of the toner cartridge, and is replaced with the cartridge. However, the drum usually lasts longer than the toner. Replacing toner and drum separately saves money. Of course, refilling the cartridge will be even cheaper
Pay attetion that biggest price part for Laser printer using is a toner cartridge. Genuine toner is about $100 for Xerox Phaser 3117  by sample.
Look here in addition, please.;178247912;pp;1

>is there some kind of absolute that i can compare
average price for print one page, I think.
TomeryosAuthor Commented:
I've heard that this model comes with full toner cartridge, though now that you mention its price it cant be
I did heard though, for sure, that it lasts for more than 1000 pages atleast, which is far more than what an ink printer would do
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The new printer come with smal filling cartridge.
Doan't forget about maximum duty cycle.
Hi Tomeyos

The Phaser 3117 is not sold here in Australia. However, the Xerox Phasers are generally excellent products.

There is another Xerox printer you may want to look at, if it is available in your area: the DocuPrint 203A. It is slightly faster than the Phaser 3117 (20 vs 17 ppm) and has both a paper tray and a manual feed. It is quite inexpensive to run as it has a drum that is separate from the toner cartridge. It's brother, the 204A has the same specs but is networkable. I have experience with both printers and they seem reliable.
TomeryosAuthor Commented:

What is manual feed? and when you say paper tray... don't they all have place you put pages in so that the printer takes those pages and print on them ?
a drum as i understood is something that breaks once every 30,000 pages -> there is no way I will get to that in a few years. and yet i would like to know what is the advantage of having it seperate from the cartridge? the cartridge is cheaper? -> if so, how does manual refilling the cartridge changes the situation ? (in this case you dont buy a new drum every time you buy a toner)

TomeryosAuthor Commented:
Thanks for everything, especially for clearing out the toner-drum thing in your last comment
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