Nokia Static Routes.

hi every body.

i m having a a problem setting up Nokia ip330.

the problem is that how to add static routes so my clien pc can access the internet.


internet---{Modem} ---------Nokia (interface 1 internet . -----Nokia interface 2 (no IP) (nokia interface 3 internal Router internal ip ------- client PC(

how can i add a static route in the Voyager.  Do i have the right setup or can you please advice me how to do this.

many thanks.

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So your Nokia has 2 active interfaces that you have defined as internal ( and external ( and your external connection is then connected to an upstream modem of some sort that has the ip address

This setup looks ok and would require a default gateway to be added to voyager to point to You should then test this setup by logging onto Voyager via SSH (coz you turned Telnet off right?) and pinging an external website ( is good one to test as it actually replies to pings). You may need to ping the IP rather than DNS name as the Nokia box wont have local DNS settings set. If it fails ping the default gateway or trace to the external IP.

Now the internal setup looks a little odd, why do you have a Dlink Router ( in between your client PC's and the Nokia internal card. This might make sense if you were separating out network segments but your client PC's, DLink and Internal Nokia are all on the same network segment (192.168.0.x/24).

Assuming I am understanding your network correctly if you remove the DLink and connect the internal Nokia ethernet card to a switch that is also connected to the client pcs then your in business. Your client PC's then have a default gateway of (nokia internal). Again test this setup by pinging 0.1 from your client PC's.

Good luck

greekstonesAuthor Commented:
hello there thanks for your reply

ok i tryed this by replacing d-link with a switch and i set up my client gateway and client PC but still the nokia box does not route any traffic.

i can ping / and access the internet from the nokia box but from my client i can't ping 192 .168.1.254 or any internet sites however i can ping interface.

the static route on the nokia is

Modem( internet int: interface2 (no IP)-----nokia interface 3: pc


This is my new setup and i still have the same problem.

I dont think routing is your issue. To test this setup a continuos ping from your client PC (-a) to the address. Then log onto your Nokia box and run:

"tcpdump -i ethXXXX src" where ethXXXX is the name of your external interface (probably something like eth1 or eth-s1p1c0 if you have an additional ethernet card installed)

What we are trying to do with this command is see whether the icmp echo request packets from your client pc are being routed out the external interface. My guess is that they are. If you see traffic on your tcpdump then that good, Ctrl-C to stop. If you saw packets then run the following command:

"tcpdump -i ethXXXX dst" where ethXXXX is the name of your external interface

What we are trying to do now is see if the icmp echo reply packet is coming back from If you see a load of reply packets from that IP then this is good.

If this is still working then lastly run

"tcpdump -i ethXXXX dst" where ethXXXX is the name of your internal interface

This will show you if the reply packet is being passed through the Nokia box back to your client pc. This is almost certainly not working.

Now I think the problem maybe one of ARP or FW. Are you running any firewall software on the IP330? Have you configured any ARP or Proxy ARP settings, viewable in Voyager through the Interfaces link.

Let me know how the tcpdump stuff goes.
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greekstonesAuthor Commented:
hi there

ok i'm not running any fw or arp . i try this this evening and i keep u informed.

greekstonesAuthor Commented:
hello there here is the out come


tcpdump -i eth-s3p1 src
tcpdump: listening on eth-s3p1
16:41:11.712227 O > icmp: echo request
16:41:16.977158 O > icmp: echo request
16:41:22.477140 O > icmp: echo request
16:41:27.977151 O > icmp: echo request
16:42:29.652121 O > icmp: echo request
16:42:34.976888 O > icmp: echo request
16:42:40.476889 O > icmp: echo request
16:42:45.976869 O > icmp: echo request

SFXFW01[admin]# tcpdump -i eth-s3p1 dst
tcpdump: listening on eth-s3p1

nothing happens

SFXFW01[admin]# tcpdump -i eth-s5p1 dst
tcpdump: listening on eth-s5p1

nothing happens


Where do you thing is the problem.

many thanks.
If eth-s3p1 is your external nic then one good thing, your routing is working fine!

OK so you dont see the reply packet from your upstream modem, thats the next problem and one problem I see with your config if your not running any firewall software (and hence your outbound pc echo-request to is not being NAT'd) is that your modem only knows 2 networks, the internet through its WAN port and the network through the internal nic port. Therefore when your modem sees your pc's packet it replies to it using the default gateway which will be the internet and hecne you never see the reply packet. If your able to add routes to the router add the network with the next hop being your IP330's exteranl nic card ( Your IP330 is directly connected to the network so no additional routes are required on the IP330 for the reply packet.

Hope that makes sense. Failing that it could be ARP but pretty certain its a modem routing issue

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**Edit - first line should say your outbound IP330 routing is fine**
greekstonesAuthor Commented:
it works thank you very much.

i can ping but where can i put my dns server in , can i put

other than that i would like to thank you
great! For future reference tcpdump is an excellent program for network debugging on the Nokia boxes.

Re:DNS, when you say where can you put it, do you mean you have a physical DNS server and you dont know where to put it or you mean your client dns settings?

If its the latter then on my home network I dont use the DNS servers provided by my ISP, I use OpenDNS
greekstonesAuthor Commented:
sorry it was the modem . i added the route gateway: i also solved the dns problem .  

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