Laptop battery won't charge.

Unable to charge battery on Laptop after installing XP on Toughbook C-47 and Compaq Pressarioi. New battery installed  but it would not charge.
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Most likely there is a loose connection or a broken wire somewhere. If you can borrow a compatible power adapter I would try that first. If that doesn't help the broken wire could be inside the laptop which would call for professional repair. Check if laptop is under warranty. Also make sure battery is seated properly.

This has nothing to do with XP being installed.
With the laptop turned off, Does the battery charging led come on when AC adapter is plugged in?
What symptoms are you seeing in XP to show its not charging. Is this an OEM battery or  replacement that isn't from the same company as the laptop manufacturer?
lquinonesAuthor Commented:
oem battery and charging light comes on but progress stops at 3-6% charged.
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Could be the charging electronics, or a faulty battery. I suppose the latter is easier to swap...
This could be a problem with the battery needing to be calibrated.
Check this link out, halfway down the page is a guide on calibrating the battery.

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I know that some malfunction MotherBoards has the same result.
Had an old compaq that did exactly the same thing.
It can be bad motherboard,
I had a similar problem with a HP laptop.  I changed the battery and still no charge.  I then replaced the power cord and it worked.  So the problem may not be the battery or inside the machine.
lquinonesAuthor Commented:
the only solution that helped  was recalibtaying the  as sugggested by SPARMAKER. Battery has charged to 57% .
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