Windows Media Player 11 in Vista skips near the end of play

I'm running Vista business. Windows Media Player 11 always skips near the end of each song, right around 10 seconds left to play.
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m_martinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I ran into this problem as well; I am running a SigmaTel audio chipset in my Dell laptop. This MSDN blog documented a similar problem, and resolved it by disabling the SigmaTel driver's "Enhancements" by going to Control Panel | Sounds | Speakers/Headphones | Properties | Enhancements (tab) and ticking "Disable all enhancements". This immeaditely resolved the skipping/stuttering issue near the end of songs in WMP 11 for me. Here's the link to the article:


Hi that sounds like you may have some trimming option on and that is detecting the silence near the end  truncating the file when it converts it for burning, where did you get the tracks from?
Try playing them in a different media player this will confirm it is either the file or a setting in the mediaplayer.
Often times downloaded music maybe missing the 10 secs at the end

To cut off leading or trailing digits or characters from an item of data without regard to the accuracy of the remaining characters. Truncation occurs when data are converted into a new record with smaller field lengths than the original.
Some media players have a setting that inserts a gap of 10 secs or less between tracks.
Media Source creative Sound blaster records from the speakers

mikethackerAuthor Commented:
They play fine in iTunes. It happens on all songs. I have seen where others are having the same issue, just no resolution.
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I am also having the same problem. What I have noticed is that SVCHOST.exe spikes CPU usage near the end of the song (Ripped from a CD). The Process ID for this instance of SVCHOST.exe relates to the "PlugPlay/DCOMLaunch" services. If I play a single song it plays though fine without skipping. If it is set to play the next song of the album it will skip, It appears as if it's loading the next song and thats what is causing it to skip.
mikethackerAuthor Commented:
I guess we get to see how good these experts really are... or how dang bad Microsoft is re: WMP 11.
Can we establish for my benefit if these are tracks downloaded with I Tunes
Does this problem apply to all MP3  not of iTunes
you dont need to play all other mp3 in I tunes
Also dont play I Tunes tracks in WMP 11, try them in Quick time.
If your playing iTunes in WMP it could be the DRM attempting to gather track information off the web. Just a guess there.
Play your mp3 not associated with I Tunes in winamp and kep the internt options unavailable.
or WMP but remove the internet access tempoaraily to test if that is what  is accessing the files.

I too have looked for solutions and found similar folk having this  problem and no solution.
So if we want to be the first I would suggest  our plan of attack is to isolate the problem if possible,
 to do this lets check if it is related to iTunes or all mp3.
Play iTunes only in quick time or iTunes player
mp3 in WMP or winamp and no internet access in the media player.


       All of the tracks I have experienced this problem with were ripped directly from a CD via WMP 11. I have attempted to play these "ripped" wmv files with winamp and they all play perfectly. I can play a CD without encountering this problem using WMP 11. I have not tried other file types. One other note, I also thought that maybe it was attempting to retrieve track information from the web. I allowed or forced the update of all track information and then made another attempt with the same results, skipping near the end of the song. I must also reiterate that If I play a single song the skipping does not occur, but if I select "Play All" or double click on a song it will categorically skip near the end of the track as long as there is a track to be played immediately following.
One other note. I also tested with and without Internet access, same results.
greetings again, are these WMV>video? or audio.
these "ripped" wmv files
Could be WMP and some settings is adding what is termed the fade effect so there is a gap between the tracks when your ripping it.
The fact they play perfect in Winamp makes sence its the best, lol, but winamp does have the inbuilt feature of the gaps between tracks.
If your up for some more ripping try Cdex it will rip your music cd to mp3. I use it and found it perfect, you tinkle with the settings and have just the cd name and audio name you'll have to ionsert each track name or leave it till then end, choose the directory where to save to.
Here is guide you'll need it to understand how to use it.
How to enable Wave Out recording in Vista

And just to cover all the topics of ripping this one is from iTunes

Don’t fall into the gaps
Some CDs — particularly live concert albums and classical albums, rock operas like the Who’s Tommy (1969 Original Concept Album), and theme albums like Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Beatles — are meant to be played straight through, with no fading between the songs. Although you can cross-fade between songs automatically in iTunes, you can’t on your iPod. Previously, you had to use the Join Tracks option when ripping a CD to literally join the tracks together in your iTunes library, so that they would play seamlesssly on an iPod. (You can join tracks only when ripping a CD, not afterward.)

Fortunately, in iTunes 7.1.1. you can turn on the Gapless Album option for multiple songs at once (such as “Side 1″ of an album). Songs set with the Gapless Album option play seamlessly from one song to the next in iTunes (whether or not cross-fading is turned on). You can also play these songs seamlessly on fifth-generation iPods (and second-generation iPod nanos) that have the latest software update. For older models, you still have to use the Join Track feature when ripping your gapless CD.

To turn on the Gapless Album option for multiple songs, follow these steps:
Select the songs. Select the songs on the album to play continuously.
Choose File>Get Info and click Yes in the warning dialog about editing multiple items. The Multiple Item Info dialog opens, as shown in Figure 1-4.
Choose Yes from the Gapless Album drop-down list.
enjoy and good luck
mikethackerAuthor Commented:

You freaking ROCK!! I'm using Vista and I followed your above suggestion AND IT WORKED!! Not only did it fix the skipping problem, now when I switch songs or just start a song, I don't have to wait on 'Media Changing' for a few seconds before the song starts.

The procedure was a little different for me though; mine had an 'Effect' tab and then I checked the check box next to 'Disable System Effects'

THANK YOU VERY MUCH --- now I can enjoy WMP11!!!

best always,
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