need help writing REGDB_BINARY value to registry

I'm trying to write a binary value to the registry .... In the registry, I need to change the Driver Signing key value ("Policy") to 0 and then eventually back to 1 (key type is regdb_binary).

I'm having trouble writing it though .... I'm setting the key value via RegDBSetKeyValueEx, but I'm not getting the result I'm looking for...   Can anyone give me a hand w/ how I would want to write that?!?!
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pee_ceeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok. That solution will help future Googlers!
trs28Author Commented:
hmmm ... hopefully another 250 points will entice someone to give me a hand  :)
From memory (so check for any syntax errors!!)

you should be doing something like:

STRING szKey, szName, szValue;
NUMBER nType, nSize, nResult;

szKey = "Your\\Software\\Key"
szName = "TheName" (e.g. Policy)
szValue = "0" //value to set, 0 or 1 in your question
nSize = 1 //with REGDB_BINARY and REGDB_STRING_MULTI, you must always specify the number of bytes of binary data that you are storing.

RegDBSetDefaultRoot(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE); //change as appropriate
nResult = RegDBSetKeyValueEx ( szKey, szName, nType, szValue, nSize );

This should work.

Post up actual code snippet if this isn't quite what you are trying to do.
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trs28Author Commented:
none of these answers are correct ..... i have figured out the solution to this problem long ago .... this question can be removed
What was wrong with the answer given and what was the solution you found?
trs28Author Commented:
when you said about setting the szValue = "0" or "1", well, that was the part that was somewhat incorrect.    

The correction is ....
szValue = 0x00;
szValue = 0x01;

Without going over your suggestion again, I believe everything else was fine.  I do appreciate the help you gave in regards to this problem.  :)
trs28Author Commented:
you've helped me before, and if it weren't for you asking me what was wrong, this answer would have never been out there for anyone else, i'd have to say you pretty much deserve the points afterall.  Thanks again & take care.
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