Move logical volumes to new EVA and bring up Oracle db's

We are getting a new EVA.  I am wondering if I can move the logical volumes and then bring my data bases, which are Oracle10g back up on the new EVA.  Need to put together a process and risk assessment of how to move all my data to new EVA, db servers remain the same.

I can see the file systems now.  And can read/write to what has been presented.  Trying to find a fast and low risk way of moving all the data as the old EVA will not be available after the cut over.

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MohanKNairConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For moving datafiles from one volume or "mount point" to another, it is better to rename datafiles and then using OS commands move the datafiles to destination.

The steps are

1) First table the tablespace offline
SQL> alter tablespace app_data offline;

2) Rename datafiles
SQL> alter tablespace app_date rename datafile '/u01/oracle/U1/data01.dbf ' TO '/u02/oracle/U1/data04.dbf ' ;

3) Using OS commands move datafiles

4) Bring tablespace online
SQL> alter tablespace app_data online;
andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For "moving" the data I would use Continuous Access EVA to replicate from the old to new and keep it in sync, then you can test using the new EVA without having to copy the entire data across multiple times. There's a trial version of Replication Solutions Manager on HP's web you can use. Obviously once replicated you would have to take a snapshot or clone to do any live testing with. Whoever provides your new EVA can help with this.
mjimison1956Author Commented:

If I copy the data files, build a new oracle home on the new eva with same sid and bring the db up, how could I then synchronize the data during the maintenance window?  Would I have to bring db up as a different sid or would that screw up the redo and archive log application to synch the data?

Is there a way to use two task in this scenario?
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mjimison1956Author Commented:

we are checking to see what has to be done to install this.  One issue is we have multiple lunds and want to cut the number down to three large.  Does this require a restart of the EVA?
Another option is to use emp/imp using transportable tablespace option. This will enable to synchronize data tablespace wise.
mjimison1956Author Commented:
Our current production is not set up as transportable tablespace .. would this be a requirement or how would I engineer it.
transporting a tablespace only requires the copying of datafiles and integrating the tablespace structural information
Transportable Tablespace
It's probably what HP's RSM leverages where it says it now has Oracle tablespace support.
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