What Special Character can be used for id and p/w on Solaris 8 and 9

Hello ALL,

    Can some one tell me please what special character can be used in Solaris for id and password .Solaris 8 and 9 only .thanks for your help......?
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I wouldn't use any of them. There's no reason to do so.
there's reason in a password.
it increases the search space for an attacker.
From memory, there's no restriction on what type of character you can use in a password.  This can include control characters.
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There's no reason to use them in the user ID.

There's a lot better methods for making life hard for an attacker. Implementing SSH and useing key-based authentication (i.e. disabling password authentication) will do far more than inserting wierd characters in passwords.
Characters in a user ID can enhance readability.

There may not be restriction in the password itself, but there could still be restriction in the program that reads the password from the user.
Are we talking about /usr/bin/login?
Well, making userids in all upper-case is a bad idea.  You can have all sorts of fun and games with that.

Can you please give a bit more explanation and background to your question.
kaka123Author Commented:
Hello All and thanks for your respose,  My question is what Special Character can be used for id and p/w on Solaris 8 and 9 .I need the special character and i did not see on SUN site what can be used and don't have the time to test it all .I just need the list ...Thanks All for your quick reply ..
Hi kaka123.

That still doesn't give us any background as to *why* you want to know.

I appreciate English may not be your first language as the phrase "I need the special character" doesn't really make much sense.  I'm interpreting your question to be:

"What characters are valid for a username and password".

For username, the following applies:

                     The login (login)  and  role  (role)  fields
                     accept  a string of no more than eight bytes
                     consisting of characters  from  the  set  of
                     alphabetic  characters,  numeric characters,
                     period (.), underscore (_), and hyphen  (-).
                     The first character should be alphabetic and
                     the field should contain at least one  lower
                     case alphabetic character. A warning message
                     is displayed if these restrictions  are  not

                     The login and role fields  must  contain  at
                     least  one  character and must not contain a
                     colon (:) or a newline (\n).

For password, you can use any character apart from a newline.
u can user any characters there is not restriction on a specific characters

to make good password
i setup password somthing like this to be safe side
min 8-12 character ( but in first 6 character i should get  atleast  one numberical  and one (!@#$%^&*)

and it working fine and safe.

AS per ID (it depends from company requirement)
some thing like
where a-surname j-givien name 562-department 356- employee number
somthing tricky to track it down
you cant have (!@#$%^&*)(i havent tested but i don't think any one will try to have as an ID like that

same rule for 8 9 10 or coming 11th version

Hope this help

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kaka ?
thanks dude..

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