1 x hardwired workgroups "server" + 3 wireless clients - best config? auto detect / half duplex / full duplex

Configuration: all xp pxs.

"server" pc hard wired to a linksys 4 port wireless router.
3 pcs - connected wirelessly to the pc "server" sharing small files.  

Issue is they are very slow at times when connected.

Question is - am I better off changing the / auto detect vs half duplex vs full duplex - on the server network card?

Also - do wireless cards have / auto detect / half duplex / full duplex settings?

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Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your Linksys only operates at auto-detect so the other devices should be the same, auto-detect, rather than set to a fixed duplex or speed. i.e. leave the defaults as they are.

What do you mean by slow. Slow copying files, slow logging on, slow browsing, etc. Perhaps we can help to narrow down the problem.
wordedAuthor Commented:

Ive to sort this ongoing / intermitent issue tomorrow .......

ANY help appreciated.


Also see this a wire shark question:
wordedAuthor Commented:

Does wireless cards have a duplex setting as well?
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks worded.
No wireless cards do not have duplex options, most do have speed and connection type (a,b,g,n) options.
Cheers !
wordedAuthor Commented:


I think Im going to change the NIC and make sure I have an up to date drivers with it just in case thats the problem Im having
....... and I will make sure the duplex settings are set to "auto"
wordedAuthor Commented:

In your opinion ..............

Do you think a wireless workgroups is a nightmare?  
Im thinking so

Rob WilliamsCommented:
>>"Do you think a wireless workgroups is a nightmare?  "
I'm not a good one to ask......yes !!! <G>
I am a little bias though. I come from a wired network troubleshooting background. There are enough problems with wired networks, that in my opinion you only use wireless when necessary. Having said that, it should work fine once configured.
I also don't like workgroups, I prefer domains even with only a few computers they are much easier to manage.
Keep in mind though, a wired network performs better and is less problematic, the number one source of network issues is bad cables.
wordedAuthor Commented:

There are very cables involved in this place.  I have a good cable checker - will use it towmoorow.

Basically the workgroup is freezing up ..... (main PC particularly) user can type at faster that pc can display ....... then a while later - alls normal.

Ive done adaware ....... oddly enough though It refuses to load spybot BUT www.hijackthis.de doesnt show anything odd.
Its so difficult to diag this ...... and the users are really difficult to deal with as well.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
What do you mean by a good cable checker? A proper certification meter that tests for cross-tak and line noise is >$5000 <G>. If possible try to isolate a couple of machines using only good factory made cables to see if there is an improvement and go from there.
wordedAuthor Commented:

Ive a molex cable checker - worth circa 100 dollars.

Its found bad factory made cables - bad robot!

as only the pc "server" is hardwired and other 3 are wireless Ive very few cables to check
but I will do.

Rob WilliamsCommented:
That will at last tell you you have good connections. See how it goes.
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