Restoring Exchange on new SBS 2003 server

What is the best method to restore Exchange after installing a fresh copy of SBS 2003?  I have 5 user mailboxes that I need to restore from a backup due to the fact that our old server was toast.  We have a new one and will install the same copy of SBS 2003 on it.
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NOSITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have a backup using NT backup check this article out:

If your old server still functions you can use the swing migration method here:

Or if you just want to take the mailboxes and do things the hard way you could use Exmerge here:

bleujaegelAuthor Commented:
The old server is dead.  I can't do Exmerge, or use the swing method.  Also, the first article is for the same or a new server with very similar hardware.  I will be using completely different hardware.   Do you know specifically of a method to restore the information store to the new computer in this scenario?  Thanks.
Specifically, what are the details of backup that do you have?
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Use the top method, but only select to restore exchange,  it will work to different hardware, but ensure that exchange is the same version as it was with the backups or I think you will have trouble.
bleujaegelAuthor Commented:
I have the system state and the information store.

I will try the top method and let you know the results.
Forced accept.

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