Spammers using my email server?

Hi there,
I am responsible for a Redhat server which is hosting our web and email. Recently I have started to receive spam emails from my domain but from non-exists accounts. I suspect they are sending these spam email using my domain not only to be but to anyone. I have been informed that AOL has banned our servers.
How can I sort this out?
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Sounds like your e-mail server could be set as an open relay or something similar. I'm not familiar with Red Hat but I would investigate methods of locking down inbound and outbound filtering and monitoring, accepted domains, etc.

AOL are very strict on spam. Check their website for blacklist removal links or contact them directly by e-mail or telephone. Obviously only once the problem is fixed.

Sorry, not much help,
bilgehanyildirimAuthor Commented:
I know it is something to do with relaying but I don't know how to set up. The email server is using QMAIL by the way..
Unfortunately I'm not familiar with QMAIL but you could try the following FAQ pages:

Hope these can help.
If you were using sendmail I'd direct you to information on SMTP_AUTH

I can't claim to know much about configuring Qmail, but for SMTP_AUTH on QMail check out qmail-smtpd-auth


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