Ubuntu - Mailx config

OS: Ubuntu 6.06

I need to change the SMTP server name/ip that mailx uses to send email through?

Instead of sending mail via our ISP I want to change it to go through our exchange server. If its local, it then doesn't have to leave the building.
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I suppose someone told mailx what SMTP server to use during initial setup. This must be possible to edit. At what point do you experience a problem?
There are a few ways to point mailx to an smtp server.  So, it really depends on "how" it was done.  For a start, I would recommend you to try to check:

$ echo $smtp
$ cat ~/.mailrc

and see if you can get a clue there.
virtualworksAuthor Commented:
I didn't set the machine up - I have inherited it. I also have no idea how it was done.

the echo $smtp command returned a blank line.

the cat `/.mailrc returned a new line with a >

I was logged in as root when I ran the commands.

Any ideas?
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Could you check if you have /etc/mail/mailx.rc or /etc/mail/Mail.rc and if you have them what are their content?
virtualworksAuthor Commented:
I have /etc

but I do not have /etc/mail folder
Try locating the files then:

# locate mailx.rc
# locate Mail.rc
virtualworksAuthor Commented:
location was /etc/mail.rc

contents are as follows:

set ask askcc append dot save crt
ignore Received Message-Id Resent-Message-Id Status Mail-From Return-Path Via Delivered-To
Ubuntu uses Postfix as the default MTA.  Could you check /etc/postfix/main.cf if there is a relayhost entry in it?

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virtualworksAuthor Commented:
And that's exactly where the old setting was!


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