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Hi there!

I would to "see" my pages in the Internet Explorer 6.0 or even at 5.0 configuring a Browser in Dreamweaver´s Browser List.

How should I do it?  (My Internet Explorer is 7.0)

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fuzzboxerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Unfortunately, IE7 disables IE6.  There is a program out there that will employ a hack to install multiple stand-alone versions of IE, but it will not apply conditional comments correctly.

Here are the options I recommend:
1) Sign up for http://www.Browsercam.com - will let you test with multiple browser versions on multiple OSs
2) Install a Virtual Machine - not the fastest way, but allows you to have a full production environment to test with.
3) Use the standalone hack - here is the program for that: http://tredosoft.com/IE7_standalone

Either way you look at it, you will not be able to use Dreamweaver's "Test in Browser" feature with any of these options.
fskilnikAuthor Commented:
Thanks, fuzzboxer.

I guess I will try the (1) option... I guess it is the easier one to operate, isn´t it?  

I am still waiting for your confirmation on that before I decide on the matter, please.

Thanks a lot,
Browsercam.com is a great source and definitely the easiest way to go.
fskilnikAuthor Commented:
Excellent, fuzzboxer. I will proceed as you suggested.
- - - - -

If you don´t mind, I would be very grateful if you could help me in another EE posting of mine:


Please have a look at it, ok?!

Thanks a lot!  Fábio.
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