VERTIAS 11 and Exchange 2003

We have just upgraded to VERTIAS 11 and been running it for about a month. We just put the exchange agent on. Right now we have NT backup of the mailbox store

The question is is there any known issues with VERTIAS and exchange that would bring the box down during backup?

Also does any one know the best practice for using VERTIAS with and Excahneg server.

Your Help is Greatly Appreciated.
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We have also upgraded to 11D a few months back. It has been fine on our 2003 Exchange. We are using the Exchange agent though... (We can't backup our Exchange 2007 with it since it isn't supported yet - maybe it will be this month...)
We have not had the 2003 R2 server go down during backups, so it seems fine... (Have you checked the logs to see why it is crashing?)

Backup Exec 11d Best Practices Guide Table of Contents:

Backup Exec 11d Best Practices Guide: Agent for Microsoft Exchange Server E-Mail this document to a colleague

By the way, there is a difference between 10D and 11D - if you select the exchange mailboxes, you will get the following message:

"Selecting individual Exchange mailoxes utilizes legacy backup methods and is no longer required for individual mailbox recover. For more information on new and improved Exchange mailbox recovery methods refer to the Backup Exec user manual."

Hope this can be of some use... I'm about to read more about this also...

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amendez2Author Commented:
Thank you for the help! We are not experiencing problems yet I just wanted to see if there were any known issues that would cause something like that.

I was reading a little on the Continuous backup of exchange, do you happen to know if this is a different agent and if it is, is there a separate license for that?

Is anyone using the Continuous  backup and how do you pick a certain time to restore a message.

For continuous backup you have to install the Continuous Backup Server (about a 100MB download)... We have not tested this yet... but was planning to today...
The Continuous Protection Server (CPS) license key field requires a Remote Agent for Windows Servers serial number:
Unlike Backup Exec 10d for Windows Servers, there is not an individual license key designated for the Continuous Protection Server (CPS) with Backup Exec 11d (BE 11d).
In order for the BE 11d CPS to protect another system, enter the Agent for Windows Systems (includes Remote Agent for Windows Servers and Continuous Protection Agent) license key to activate CPS when prompted to "Type a license key in the license key field." The Agent for Windows Systems (AWS) is a separately purchased agent for BE 11d.

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amendez2Author Commented:
So we install the it on the Exchange box correct? Do we need to install something on the main backup server or just the agent on the exchange box?

Let me know how the Install goes for you.

As far as I know, you install the Continuous Backup Server on the BackupExec box... there might be another agent... but maybe someone else can comment since I haven't done this yet...
amendez2Author Commented:
Thanks I have started the install. I installed it to the Backup Exec server and then you have to push an agent to the Exchange server. It looks like it uses disk space in the process. Do you happen to know the size that is needed. I believe your Exchange server is around 25 GIGS of data, so what would be the requirements on the backup location size?
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