QoS On HP ProCurve 2600 Switches

We have a small site that has an HP2600 PoE Switch.  This site is connected via MPLS to another site.  We're prioritizing voice traffic with DiffServ 'EF' on the phones, but the MPLS vendor (Qwest) says they see no proritized traffic coming to the MPLS router.  Initially, I thought the HP would simply honor our prioritization, but am not so sure, and also realize we need different prioritization, anyways.  I need assistance configuring the following on my switch.  All of the packets meeting the below criteria should be classified as 'EF', and any packets already classified as 'EF' should be honored.

UDP ports 2427, 2727, 5440-5446
Any packets sourced from with a UDP port number > 1024

Chuck BrownAsked:
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Reid PalmeiraTelecom EngineerCommented:
the manual for the procurve switch can be found at: ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/networking/software/2600-2800-4100-6108-MgmtConfig-Oct2005-59906023.pdf essentially you want to setup QoS passthrough which is disabled by default, this should pass along your DiffServ settings.

the command is 'qos-passthrough-mode

you should also (if not already setup) setup a VLAN just for voice so then prioritize traffic on that VLAN so you know your voice and only the voice VLAN are tagged.
Chuck BrownAuthor Commented:
rpalmeira22:  The problem is that I really need the combination described above;  I need to respect the diffserv settings already imposed, but I need to prioritize based upon the criteria listed, as well.  And strict VLAN prioritization won't do it either, as I don't want all traffic from some of the ethernet ports at a higher priority, just those from a specific IP address (the server) from a specified range of UDP port values.  Is there no way to combine the two with the ProCurve?
Reid PalmeiraTelecom EngineerCommented:
i doubt you can do it based upon a specific port range. typically it's the endpoint that will mark packets. as long as you have qos passthrough enabled on your switche it should respect those markings and pass through accordingly, you can always try to VLAN the server and make trunk connections where necessary but i can see where that would get into some issues for you.

I would try the qos passthrough first then see if that at least passes the marking all the way to your edge router and on to the MLPS cloud, then you can try to lock down to the specific needs. but if you're not passing off the marking to the MPLS then getting the specifics won't matter.
Chuck BrownAuthor Commented:
I'm going to try the passthrough, and I expect it to help, but not solve, the problem.  Here's the problem: only the IP phones themselves mark their packets with the DiffServ value.  Even though the voice switches and server participate, they rely on UDP packet prioritization to achieve QoS on their stuff.  So passthrough will fix what is being currently marked now, which is a help, but I really need to find a way to accomplish the rest as well.
Reid PalmeiraTelecom EngineerCommented:
this is part of the reason i suggest splitting it off into VLANS, If the server is only used for voice apps and/or can be configured with multiple IP's you can try to split out the voice traffic then prioritize the whole VLAN. the passthrough stuff is just going to make sure you're markings go through the switch. What other L3 devices do you have in the network that might try to strip markings off? any other routers besides the MPLS edge router? any L2/L3 switches in the network that the packets have to traverse? sometimes you'll end up having to match your diffserv values to some other form of marking like IP precedence and remark packets in the network.

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