How to block or close a application silent?

My client don't want that they son play a certain game, and i thinking how i do this. SO is wxp sp2.
I was thinking and trying to autoclose the process when they will be executed, using the command taskkill and making a .bat. Then, i creat a task in schedule  to autoexecute all days in a interval of 1min. The .bat open, search the process, then close. Works. But, they show a dos window for a brief moment, and i need to make all this process silent. There's a way to hide this window?
There's other way or a best way to silent prevent (or close) a application, without leave traces (or not something obvious)? Or a way to silent prevent a application to run?
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Have you tried changing the permissions for this .exe? (Assume the son does not have Administrator privileges).
aba3000Author Commented:
Sadly they can install this game in other places, then i need to block or kill the process. And they have administrator privileges (i can't cut your privileges). Actually i'm working in another (administrator)account, because your account have password.
Equally sadly, I am not aware of a method to eliminate the dialog that follows 'kill process' or the one that follows the 'RestrictRun' registry key in Explorer. I am also unaware of any way of blocking an administrator from using the command prompt to run a program.
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aba3000Author Commented:
taskkill in a prompt (taskkill -f -im name.exe) can kill a process and with schedule and a simple script i can do the job, but i need to make the dos window that open invisible, or to don't show the window.
Assuming that you are using a shell script, would'nt the command @echo off as the first line in the script do what you want?
aba3000Author Commented:
No, the window appear for a very brief moment.
Upgrade to Windows Vista, it comes with a fairly powerful set of parental controls that can liimt content by rating, content or title.

Here's a link to the windows Vista website and no, I don't work for Microsoft, although I wouldn't mind helping Bill and Melinda give away some of their money to the needy.

There are a variety of programs pre-written and kid-hack proof onthe market if you don't want to upgrade their OS.  CyberPatrol, NetNanny, SafetySurf and Norton Parental Controls just to name a few.

If Mom and Dad don't want the kid playing this game put a roadblock in front of them they can understand, if they are smart enough to reinstall the game, then they are smart enough to realize they have been locked out by someone, make sure the kid understands its Mom and Dad locking them out.

As a parent and an IT guy, I can tell you that getting in between parents and children is a no win situation.  Buy the software, teach the parents how to use it and remove yourself from the conflict.
Take a look at this freeware app which is, I believe, based on the WM_CLOSE windows notification:

If you are a programmer, Microsoft has an article on closing an app:;EN-US;Q178893&

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aba3000Author Commented:
I finded a vbs script in google that make the job.

Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Set objWmi = GetObject("winmgmts:")

strWmiq = "select * from Win32_Process where name='notepad.exe'"
Set objQResult = objWmi.Execquery(strWmiq)

For Each objProcess In objQResult
intRet = objProcess.Terminate(1)

Saved with name of file.vbs and with the help of schedule i make this works (no popup).

Thanks all.
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