Change Symantec Primary Server Name

We are running Symantec Corp Antivirus 10.1 and we have one primary server.  I need to change the server name (which is the primary server) and wanted to see if I would run into any issue with Symantec.  The server is windows 2003

Thanks for your help
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michkoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Below is a link to Symantec's management guide for corp av.  Start looking around page 45, under rename server groups.  The don't directly address the renaming of a server, but they do explain actions necessary to move the primary av server to another server, so this ought to give you enough info to rename the current server.
nstd-stsAuthor Commented:
cleaning up, thanks for your help michko
Glad to have been able to help.  Thanks for the grade.
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