VOIP basic requirements ???

Hi Experts,

I need to establish a VOIP connection between physically two location, what are my basic requirements ?? What hardware what Cisco I need to use, I need a entry level hardware !

Please advice!

Thanks !
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What type of PBX or phones do you have at each site?  Do you plan on changing out the old systems for new voip systems?  Do you want the systems to be managed independent?  What type of connection do you have between the locations?
From a basic standpoint, what you need is a stable connection with a guaranteed upload speed so your voice doesn't sound like crap. You need consistent latency. Variable latency is bad for voice. Cable tends to be worse than DSL for voice quality, as the shared medium can lend itself towards variable throughput and latency.

At our shop we recommend a SDSL, 384k bare minimum, 768k preferred minimum. (The upload speed is critical)

If money is really a factor and SDSL is not an option, you can try regular DSL or cable, but your voice quality may suffer for it. Also keep in mind sending voice over the internet can cause you to suffer as well, because once data hits the internet, all bets are off.

Actually, I am assuming here you are using VPN. How far apart are the two locations? If they are close together and you don't need internet access, you could use a point to point circuit.

You will need to prioritize on your router to make voice packets your highest priority, data can be a little slower and nobody will notice, but if voice traffic is not prioritized people will tend to notice because it sounds bad.

The real question here, is how far apart are the locations, and how much data bandwidth is required?
Reid PalmeiraTelecom EngineerCommented:
Is each site independently connected to the internet? or are they linked via a point to point connection? how much bandwidth does the connection at each site have? what kind of phone system are you using? what kind of voice usage do you have (concurrent PSTN calls, concurrent internal calls)?

if it's only two sites, something like Cisco Call Manager Express is probably a viable solution for you presuming you want Cisco. There are lots of other vendors as well.
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
logitech also has a voip solution their call manager product. for simple voip skype is a viable option.
NetMaxtorAuthor Commented:
1. What type of PBX or phones do you have at each site?  
We have a Analog PABX (Panasonic KX-TA616) Currently we don't have any IP phones in both of ends.

2. Do you plan on changing out the old systems for new voip systems?  
We don't have a old VOIP system. We just need to communicate using one ow two terminal from both location.

3. Do you want the systems to be managed independent?  
What ever easiest and reliable

4. What type of connection do you have between the locations?
256 Kbps Leased line (Dedicated line)

5. The real question here, is how far apart are the locations, and how much data bandwidth is required?
Say USA and South Asia

Thanks for your prompt questions !
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Microsoft Office Communications Server is a very good product.. Trial versions are availabe. It integrates into AD very well
In this situation are you will to put in a brand new VOIP system?  If so you have many options.  First you can install 2 new voip systems (Callmanager Express and Unity Express*) at each site and create dial peers to make calls between the sites.

To setup CallManager Express you will need a voice gateway, either NM-CUE or AIM-CUE, a connection to the PSTN (PRI, T1, or Analog), POE switch (CE500) and UPS to maintain power in an outage.

Sample Voice Gateway models

2801 - 24 users
2811 - 36 users ...


Option 2:

Use your present PBXs and connect them to H.323 Gateways on each end to route calls between the sites.  
PBX <---------> H.323 Gateway <---------P2P (VOIP - G.729 CODEC)----------->H.323 Gateway <----------->PBX

This situation would require programming the PBX, buying and configuring  the gateways, and interconnecting them together.

* Note: Due to bandwidth and location you would want separate system not an enterprise configuration

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