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Does anyone have any good books about hosting a dedicated server?  I recently upgraded to dedicated rack space and I would like to learn more about hosting myself instead of waiting for tech support.  I am running linux (CENTOS) apache and exim mail server.  I also have whm and cpanel
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beatboxradioConnect With a Mentor Commented:
take a look there: it's not a book but it can help you.

You can also visit you will find more then what you want :)
Steve BinkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
18 months ago, I needed to learn Linux very quickly.  Everytime I needed to do something, I researched how to do just that specific task.  Of course, you do run the risk of getting sucked in to how the kernel enumerates tcpip stacks, but the hazard goes with the territory.  :)

Here's some of the links I found useful:

Redhat documentation   

Apache Docs

The Linux boot process 

Filesystem Hierarchy (you'll only have to ..want to.. read it once)

Scripting tutorial (CLI)

More shell scripting

RegEx tutorial (more helpful than I realized..)

Generating SSL certs for Apache

How to use those certs to create trust

Wide-ranging admin's guide

Required learning

Good luck!
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