Search interface with Gridview results and AJAX

Ok, here's what I want to do, I just need some direction in starting to understand how I may approach this with "good code" in mind:

I have a page, and in it, I have some dropdowns at the top.  At the bottom of the list of dropdowns is a Search Button.

 I want to show a list of records obtained by whatever search logic I encorporate into a GridView.

 Furthermore, I plan on wrapping the GridView control into an ASP.NET AJAX updatepanel with the hopes that I do not get a page refresh.

 I need to first understand how I'd get the search criteria's list results to the same page's GridView, below the search parameter dropdown boxes.
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jasco4617Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Lets say, you have a simple select statement as you search logic, something like this:  SELECT * FROM table WHERE column = @dropdownlistvalue

@dropdownlistvalue would be an asp:controlparameter for your datasource and it woudl be set to the SelectedValue of your dropdownlist.  That way, each time the datasource's databind event is called, it will insert what ever value is selected into you query.

You could use the same principle if you where to use some programming logic instead of a simple query.  In your procedure you could use a switch statement that looks at the selected value of the dropdownlist and the performs a certain type of logic.

- Pat
dba123Author Commented:
Yea, I understand that...thanks.  What I'm more concerned with is how the gridview is to be setup and to work once the user clicks search and it binds to the grid to update the list of records retreived
dba123Author Commented:
I mean, I have the gridview on my page, now, just need to figure out the backend workings.  I want the gridview to refresh once th euser clicks SEARCH.  Ok, but to go about doing this...
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jasco4617Connect With a Mentor Commented:
on you search button include this attribute OnClick="Search_Click"

and in your code, include this procedure:

protected void Search_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) {

This is assuming you are C# and that the name of your gridview is GridView1 (the default name).   basically what this will do, is rebind the gridview.

If you wish decide you need to redo the search logic before you call databind(), then you would simply execute that logic before you call DataBind().

The logic you use for the search will need to return a set of data in some form (dataset, datatable, multi-dimensional array, etc...) and the way you would assign that set of data to the datagrid is by calling "GridView1.Datasource = yourdatasource" and that would be done before calling DataBind().

I hope that answers your question.

- Pat
dba123Author Commented:
I kinda see what you'r esaying now.  

User clicks Search
All the asp:controlparameter would pass the values to my underlying stored proc.  Since the user clicked Search, in the search onclick I'd do the databind...

After the user clicks submit, the gridview would fire the databind procedure, which would then fire the databind procedure for the datasource, which would then pull the selected value from the dropdownlist and then pass it store proc.
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