Linux (SAMBA) and Windows 256 byte path limit.

Linux (SAMBA) and Windows 256 byte path limit. We are using a Windows box to back up a SAMBA server and we're getting a 'Path too long' error. We know what it is and how to fix it, we just can't find the path it is having a problem with. We tried to limit increase logging to see the path but it's been very slow going.
 is there a tool someone know about we can run on Linux to go through a directory structure to determine if a path is too long for a Windows box?
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I'm going to take a stab here at something... I don't know if this helps, because I don't know what characters add to a path length and which ones don't, etc, but I think you can get the idea. If you tell me how to calculate it I can devise a regex that might match :)

Walk a tree and display any /path/path/filename that has more than 255 characters in it

Relative to startpoint
cd /top/of/path
find . | grep  -vE '^.{1,255}$'

Absolute on mountpoint
find /top/of/path | grep  -vE '^.{1,255}$'


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poomba1Author Commented:
I'll check it out, thanks for the idea.
Did this work for you ?
poomba1Author Commented:
Thanks, did the trick.
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