How to edit Cisco 2811 configuration file without cmd prompt

I have a cisco 2811 router. I like to know if there is any  tool to edit the configuration,
other than going through telnet using cmd prompt.
I find it hard to edit and change the configuration through the command promt.
Is there some kind of editing tool using which I can copy the existing configuration make the change and copy it back to the router as running configuration.
Please advice.
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It's called "notepad" and amazingly, every Windows PC comes with it!

Seriously, just use a text editor. If it's a simple change, just write your change and then copy and paste it. If it's a bigger one, you can copy the whole config, make your changes and then "copy tftp start" on the router will initiate downloading the new file from your PC as a startup file. Reboot the router and it will take.

This requires installing one of the many free tftp server apps on your PC.

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There is normally a web GUI (SDM) which will allow you to do most things...  Try to web into the IP address of one of your interfaces. (try http and https)

If that is not working, then the web server is probably not enabled... issue "ip http server" at the configuration prompt to turn it on.
SivasanAuthor Commented:
Hi Mike, Caolite:
Thank you both for the reply. It was very very useful.
It did have a GUI(Sdm).
I would also like to try the tftp. I looked for free tftp online. I couldn't one where I could use to download and upload config file from the Cisco router.
I checked the one from solarwinds, it seemed good but expensive, I just want to make few changes may not be worth.
Can you suggest some web site where I can download some free tftp that has the capability to upload/download from cisco router to pc vice versa.
Thanks for all your help.
Since both the answers were good, I'm going to split the points.
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tftpd32 is a good starter for moving configs about, pumpkin tftp is great for large images (16Mb+ tftp for IOS etc. )

tftpd32 -
Pumpkin -
SivasanAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much Caoilite.
Would you know the name of the default name config file on the router.
I have to specify the name of the file to download.
I have a cisco 2811. How can I find the files on the router
There are 2.... startup-config and running-config startup being the one the router boots with and running being the one running.

You may need to copy the running config to a file on the flash before you can tftp it... easy enough - copy running-config flash:myconfig.txt and tft myconfig.txt down.

You should be able to run  copy running-config tftp: though....
SivasanAuthor Commented:
Hi Caoilte,
Thanks again for all your help.
Per your instruction, I did a copy of my running-config to corconfig.txt
so I did telnet into my router and was on the enable mode
i gave the command
copy running-config flash:corconfig.txt
so it came back and asked me if the destination file is corconfig.txt ?
I gave y  for yes
looks like it created a file y under flash directory
so now I'm trying to retrieve this file from the router to my desktop using tftpd32
so from my desktop
I use the tftp client option- I assume that's the one to download the file from the router.
On the host I give the ip address of the router
I'm not sure what port I should use so I leave it blank
for file I tried both corconfig.txt  and  y
and hit the option Get assuming this will download the file from the router to my
local drive, but it gives me a time out error on block 1
Please advice
Ah... the file name can catch you out.... when it asks for the file name if you are happy with the one offered ( in this case we specificed it in the copy command ) you just press enter.  If it asks for a "confirm" it needs a y or an n.

In this case you want the TFTP app in server mode... you will be pushing information to it from the router...

On the 2811 you can copy the running config direct to tftp....

myrtr#copy running-config tftp:
Address or name of remote host []? <your PC IP>
Destination filename [<rtr will generate comething here>]?
5101 bytes copied in 0.432 secs (11808 bytes/sec)

SivasanAuthor Commented:
Great .Worked.
Now after i do the modification. How do I write it back to the router?
Do I have to copying it to the running-config?
Please advice
If you copy it to the running config, it will do exactly what it would do if you just typed what's there. So it is possible that you will end up with 2 of something, depending on the change.

you may want to put some "no" blah blah blah in your config if you're concerned. Otherwise, copy to startup-config and reboot the router.
You can either paste it strait back in from notepad of whatever you used to edit it, or simply reverse the tftp...  so copy tftp: running-config

Remember that that is only the running config... you will have to copy it to the startup config ( copy running-config startup-config or just do a wr mem ) to make sure the changes hold after you reboot.

it is probably a good idea not to commit the changes to the startup-config strait away... that way if there are any problems you can just reboot the router and it will come up with the old, but working, config.
SivasanAuthor Commented:
Hi Mike,
Thanks. When I downloaded the running-config I copied it as as txt file to my pc
Since it was all over the place when I opened it using notepad, I opened it in word pad,
made the changes and saved it as text.
Now when I opened in notepad it looks good.
So now if I was to upload this to the start-config on the router, how do I upload this using tftp
since this file is a txt file will it be ok to overwrite the start-config file with this file?
please advice
Yes, that's fine. Just
copy tftp startup-config

give it the file name of your notepad file. Leave the destination name whatever it suggests.

Make sure you keep an unmodified copy of the config just in case. As Caolite said, you can also just copy and paste your changes. If it breaks things you can just reboot. If it's good, write the changes. It depends how extensive they were and what they were. For example, changing an ip address will just replace the old one. Changing a boot string will just add a new one in addition to the old one, which can screw you up.
SivasanAuthor Commented:

Thank you  Caolite and Mike, you guys have been of great help.
I'm likely to write it only to the running-config for now and if everything looks ok, I shall do
write mem
so just to verify it
so on the router to copy back the file
i do  copy tftp running-config
will this prompt me to enter the source address and the location of the file?

Yes it will.
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