Autoexec.bat routine to delete files based upon date in a specific directory

Posted on 2007-04-11
Last Modified: 2011-10-03
Windows CE- need to create a dos routine that will run in the autoexec.bat file.  This routine needs to simply scan a preset directory for files older than (current date minus XX days) and delete those files.  nothing else.  simple.
Question by:webnetxpress
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Author Comment

ID: 18900213
what, no takers?  I'll increase the points to 250!!!!!!

and let me narrow it down-
I need the autoexec to parse a directory (say c:\temp\alarms\) and delete any file older than (today's date minus 90 days).  this can be done with a single command line or a subroutine, by directly deleting the file or moving the affected ones to another temp directory and then deleting them there, whatever is easiest...

so come on, someone must know a way to do this?????
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Accepted Solution

asian_niceguy earned 250 total points
ID: 18936029
The following link may be of interest

In any case here is the code. Save it as DELOLD.BAT, and put it in the directory to be parsed. In your autoexec put a command to run DELOLD.BAT /90 and you *should* be dandy...

@echo off
set FileDir=%~2

if "%FileDir%"=="" set FileDir=.

for /f "tokens=2" %%i in ('date /t') do set thedate=%%i

set mm=%thedate:~0,2%
set dd=%thedate:~3,2%
set yyyy=%thedate:~6,4%

set /A dd=%dd% - %OLDERTHAN%
set /A mm=%mm% + 0


if /I %dd% GTR 0 goto DONE
set /A mm=%mm% - 1
if /I %mm% GTR 0 goto ADJUSTDAY
set /A mm=12
set /A yyyy=%yyyy% - 1

if %mm%==1 goto SET31
if %mm%==2 goto LEAPCHK
if %mm%==3 goto SET31
if %mm%==4 goto SET30
if %mm%==5 goto SET31
if %mm%==6 goto SET30
if %mm%==7 goto SET31
if %mm%==8 goto SET31
if %mm%==9 goto SET30
if %mm%==10 goto SET31
if %mm%==11 goto SET30
if %mm%==12 goto SET31

set /A dd=31 + %dd%

set /A dd=30 + %dd%

set /A tt=%yyyy% %% 4
if not %tt%==0 goto SET28
set /A tt=%yyyy% %% 100
if not %tt%==0 goto SET29
set /A tt=%yyyy% %% 400
if %tt%==0 goto SET29

set /A dd=28 + %dd%

set /A dd=29 + %dd%

if /i %dd% LSS 10 set dd=0%dd%
if /I %mm% LSS 10 set mm=0%mm%
for %%i in (%FileDir%\*.*) do (set FileName=%%i call :PROCESSFILE %%~ti)

set mm=
set yyyy=
set dd=
set thedate=
goto EXIT

ECHO Where:
echo X is the number of days previous to Today.
echo Dir is the optional directory where files exist. Defaults to current directory.
ECHO EX: "DELOLD 5" Deletes files older than 5 days.
echo "DELOLD 120 c:\temp Deletes files from the c:\temp directory that are older
echo than 120 days.

set temp=%1

set fyyyy=%temp:~6%

if /I %fyyyy% LSS 100 set fyyyy=20%fyyyy%
if /I %fyyyy% GTR 2069 set fyyyy=19%temp:~6%

set fmm=%temp:~0,2%
set fdd=%temp:~3,2%

:: +*************************************+
:: | This is where the files are deleted |
:: | Change the ECHO command to DEL to |
:: | delete. ECHO is used for test. |
:: +*************************************+

if /I %yyyy%/%mm%/%dd% GEQ %fyyyy%/%fmm%/%fdd% (echo %FileName%)

set temp=
set fyyyy=
set fmm=
set fdd=


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