Why printing a .txt file causing XP Pro to reboot by itself?

I use Hyper terminal to capture some configuration file from a Cisco router. Because Cisco router can only display a certain number of line at one time, so I have to press space key to display more. So when I open the config file in .txt format, I notice some special characters captured when I pressed the space key. When I print it, my XP Pro shut down by itself and the file is not actually printed. It did the same thing after it reboots. It print ok after I remove those special characters. This 'proves' my assumption.
Q#1: Is the problem possibly related to anything else on my pc?
Q#2: If not, how can a special character causing my pc to reboot by itself? Can someone explain?
Thank you.
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Have you tried reinstalling/updating your printer drivers?

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richtreeAuthor Commented:
I have no problem printing on a regular basis. I understand the need to update driver if the printout is garbled, but not in this scenario. Why is that required? Can you explain?
It's usually not absolutely required to update your printer drivers unless you have problems printing, which in this case, you do.
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richtreeAuthor Commented:
I like to see more comments on this problem.
Yeah, it's very weird because many times, when I'm the first person to comment on a topic, nobody else comments. Sorry, for being cursed :)
I'm here to lift the curse, orangutan ;-)

richtree, I know of no characters in a text file that can cause a PC to reboot under normal circumstances.

Have you tried printing this to different printers (different types)? If only one printer causes the problem it seems very much as if you may have a corrupt driver.

If other printers, and hence different drivers also have the problem, then it would appear to be a problem with XP on your PC. Try taking the file to another PC and printing from there.
richtreeAuthor Commented:
per hdhondt's suggestion, I tried to print the original file to another printer: no problem. Then I tried to print the same file to the printer that causes my pc to reboot: no problem this time! I am lost. What should I check next?
Or just stop here without finding any clue of the problem? I run out of ideas. Any one has any more ideas?
Well, wouldn't that mean that there's probably nothing wrong with the printer drivers for the working printer that you but the printer drivers for the printer that didn't work are corrupted or need to be updated?
richtreeAuthor Commented:
Now both printers are working. I did not change the driver at all unless it got corrupted and recovered by itself (XP).
I would recommend reinstalling the driver from scratch.

Open Printers Control Panel. Start by deleting the printer. Then go to File > Server Properties, click on the Drivers tab, select the printer, and click on the Remove button.

Then reinstall the driver from the CD or from a freshly downloaded copy.
richtreeAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your tips.
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