PL/SQL MERGE STATEMENT. I need a count of both inserted and updated rows.

I have the following merge statement that either inserts a new record OR updates a record.  Then it prints out the number of rows merged.

I want to be able to print out BOTH number of rows inserted and number of rows updated.  Is there a way to do this, and how would it be done?

MERGE INTO dm_table dm
               FROM mytable              WHERE status_ = c_load_stat_new) dmld
      ON ( dmld.dm_physician_id)
            SET a =a1
      dbms_output.put_line(to_char(SQL%ROWCOUNT) || ' rows merged.');
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Do before and after row counts so you can compute the difference.

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mintsiiAuthor Commented:
That was the one option I had considered, however, I was wondering if there was another way to handle it.  Perhaps there is a function like sql%rowcount that counts inserts or updates?
SujithData ArchitectCommented:
I am not aware of a direct psuedo column that gives the insert and update breakup.
But, there are a couple of work arounds that you can use to get these counts.

The easiest one would be:
 - use the same join condition to get the counts as shown in this example.

 l_upd_c number := 0;
 l_ins_c number := 0;


 select count(*) into l_upd_c
 from emp2, (select * from emp where sal is not null) x
 where (emp2.ename = x.ename);

 select count(*) into l_ins_c
 from (select * from emp where sal is not null) x;

 l_ins_c := l_ins_c - l_upd_c;

 merge into emp2
 using (select * from emp where sal is not null) x
 on (emp2.ename = x.ename)
 when matched then
  set sal = sal
 when not matched then
  values(x.ename, x.sal );

if sql%rowcount = l_upd_c + l_ins_c then
end if;


A better(but more complex) way is to use a separate package to get the counts. See the following link:
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