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How do I control which incoming numbers make an Avaya IP phone ring?

Posted on 2007-04-11
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Last Modified: 2010-07-27
How do I control which incoming numbers cause a given phone to ring?

We have Avaya phones, but the consultants that set it up are long gone.  We just added a new employee and he has been setup on a phone that currently rings whenever the main number for the office is called.  I cannot figure out how to turn that off?  I want it to only ring when HIS number rings.

Sorry in advance for my complete lack of knowledge on this system.

Question by:JediBecker
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Expert Comment

ID: 18902308
You dont mention which Avaya system you have - generally the display phones have a Program key / Menu Key - look for remove from group or log out / inn.

Do you have the system remote access phone number and passwords?

Author Comment

ID: 18908727
Thanks for the input, Daniel.  I appreciate you taking time to try to help.  

The phone itself is a 6421SW IP.  I've looked through the menus extensively on the phone and not figured out how to change that on the phone itself.  But I could be missing it; I'm not an expert.

I'm not even sure what you mean by system remote access phone number and passwords.  I do have the Avaya Site Adminstration software installed and I can logon to that.  I have been poking around in there, as well, but couldn't figure it out.

Expert Comment

ID: 18909801
watch for a word called Call Pickup or Call Pickup Group etc.

i think you wont find it on the phone but on the server.

the troubled phone is member of either a Hunt group or Call Pickup Group

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Author Comment

ID: 18917358
Thanks for the input, Kiyam.  I looked around in Site Administration.  I found Pickup Group, and there is one defined, but the list of numbers is NOT the numbers that ring when the main line rings.  There didn't seem to be any other pickup groups defined.   There is also something called "extended pickup group" but there didn't seem to be any of those defined at all.  I tried looking for other things that could be related but didn't find anything.

Any other ideas?

Expert Comment

ID: 18921304
I don't think it will be pick up groups, this is for once a incoming call has started ringing phones. Its going to be somthing like "incomming Call / Ring assinment "     Or DDI / DID Assinment  " Hunt Group"  or "Call Distribution"   -  

Do you have a flow chart of the headers / sub menu  

Author Comment

ID: 18946327
Hi Daniel --

Sorry for the slow response.  I haven't forgotten ... just been busy.  In any case, I don't have a flow chart, exactly.  I'm going to try to cut and paste what I can.

I typically go into Site Administration and open a telnet window to the system.  In there, if I type "display" and then click "Help" these are all the things I can display (and, hence, change):

aar                      audio-group              cos
abbreviated-dialing      authorization-code       coverage
access-endpoint          bcms-vustats             cti-link
adjunct-names            bri-trunk-board          data-module
administered-connection  bulletin-board           daylight-savings-rules
alarms                   button-location-aca      dialplan
alias                    call-screening           digit-absorption
alphanumeric-dial-table  cama-numbering           display-messages
alternate-frl            capacity                 ds1
announcements            communication-interface  eda-external-device-alrm
ars                      console-parameters       enp-number-plan
attendant                cor                      errors

events                   ip-interface             mct-group-extensions
extended-pickup-group    ip-network-map           meas-selection
feature-access-codes     ip-network-region        media-gateway
firmware                 ip-parameters            moh-analog-group
group-page               ip-services              multifrequency-signaling
holiday-table            isdn                     music-sources
hunt-group               ixc-codes                node-names
inc-call-handling-trmt   listed-directory-numbers node-routing
integrated-annc-boards   location-parameters      off-pbx-telephone
intercom-group           locations                paging
intra-switch-cdr         login                    partition-route-table
ip-codec-set             lsp                      permissions

personal-CO-line         site-data                time
pickup-group             station                  time-of-day
port                     svn-button-location      toll
port-location            synchronization          tone-generation
private-numbering        system-parameters        trunk-group
public-unknown-numbering tandem-calling-party-num uniform-dialplan
reason-code-names        telecommuting-access     vdn
remote-access            tenant                   vector
remote-office            term-ext-group           vustats-display-format
rhnpa                    terminal-parameters      virtual-mac-address
route-pattern            test-schedule            xmobile
signaling-group          tftp-server

Does that help?  I don't see Hunt Group or Call Distribution, or incoming Call.  But (obviously) I must be looking in the wrong place.



Expert Comment

ID: 18952530
Heres Hunt group **...**   middle of second block

holiday-table            isdn                     music-sources
**hunt-group**               ixc-codes                node-names
inc-call-handling-trmt   listed-directory-numbers node-routing

Access this and send me what you have in there

Author Comment

ID: 18958424
Duh ... just totally missed that.

Okay, if I go through the "tree" view in Site Administration and select "list hunt-group" I get back:

number: 99
Name: msgserver
Extension: 4302     (our main number is 4300, BTW)
Type: ucd-mia
Vector?: n
MCH: none
Members: 0
Notif/Ctg Adg: n
Msg Center: Q

Queue, Cover Path, Dom Ctrl, Msg Center AUDIX name are also columns, but are all blank.

If I go into the terminal session and do "display hunt-group 99" I get a bunch of screens.  The first two list the same fields as above.  The third through sixtieth have "Group Member Assignments" and space for 26 extensions and names per page, but they are all blank.

I'm still lost...



Expert Comment

ID: 18959188
It looks like you have a Avaya Definity PABX  
This is you voicemail hunt group -
Try finding other hunt groups - were looking for 4300 as an extension.
or you only have 1 huntgroup -??

(does this extension ring if "0" (operator) is dialed

Author Comment

ID: 18959402
Hi Daniel -- thanks again for bearing with me through this.  I don't seem to have other hunt groups.  I tried:
display hunt-group 1
display hunt-group 2
etc., and nothing returns anything but hunt-group 99.

What do you mean by "0" being dialed?  That is, if you pick up a phone and dial "0" it doesn't do anything.  I went into voicemail and eventually navigated to dialing the operator, which rang 4300.  That did make the extension ring.  But I'm not sure if that's what you meant.


Accepted Solution

daniel8193 earned 2000 total points
ID: 18960891
Long winded but its got to be there somewhere

I some times set group "0" to be an operator group.  
If you dont have any other groups ... then what happens if you pick up a phone and dial 4300 ? If this number rings the phones what shows on the display of the rining phone.  

My thinking here is that you may have an extension 4300 and this is programmed under a key on other phones. ?  

What sub menus do you have under "Station"  2nd line 3rd block

Author Comment

ID: 18961205
Daniel!!!  You solved it.  "My thinking here is that you may have an extension 4300 and this is programmed under a key on other phones."

That was it.  Simple as can be.  Both of the phones this was happening on had bridged appearances set to the 4300 line, buried in the "extension" unit attached to the phone.  My phone had that as well, and didn't ring, so I never thought to check that, but when you wrote that comment I looked more closely.  My bridged appearances had "n" for ring, and theirs had "r."  I took that off and voila, problem solved.

Thank you SO much for your patient help with this.  I really appreciate it!

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