How many people are using Windows Vista in percentage

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Where can I see a *very recent* statistic about how many people are using Windows Vista and how many are using Windows XP?
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scroll down to "os platform statistics"
This is from about a month ago but that's fairly recent:,129525/article.html


Run5k: little data but very recent. Thanks!
JamesCssl: lot of data but the very recent part is missing. Thanks!
orangutang: nothing new... thanks anyway

Note: I will wait some more time before closing the question
Ryan_RIT Systems Administrator

Perhaps you could post a question in xp asking everyone their if they use it or not - that should give you a pretty decent sample size if everyone responds. Otherwise ask EE if they can make another survey for it and see if they will disclose the overall results

For the record - I use Vista Ultimate 32bit but I dual boot with XP - so I get the best of both worlds.  :)
Adam LeinssSystems Administrator
Here's some AWstats from my web site of April 2007 (April 1st to 12th to be exact)

Windows XP: 60.4% of users
Windows Vista: 32.8% of users
Windows 2000: 3.5% of users
Windows 98: 1.2% of users
Windows 95: .7% of users

That's based on 3144 visits.  Of course, this is quite shewed as my web site only has information that is relevant to Windows XP and Vista.

Last years combined web stats by

1. Windows XP - 86.80 percent
2. Windows 2000 - 6.09 percent
3. Windows 98 - 2.68 percent
4. Macintosh/ Macintosh Power PC - 2.47 percent
5. Windows Me - 1.09 percent
6. Linux - 0.36 percent
7. Windows NT - 0.24 percent

PC Sales figure are going about 255 million for 2008 and Microsoft is not selling XP after 2007, so calculate away. :)


aleinss: thanks, very interesting! but I can't believe to 32.8% Vista users before next year...  I believe that your site is very inclined to Vista users...
Adam LeinssSystems Administrator

Well, the site is an enthusiast site, so if you wanted to get the largest possible sample of Vista users out there, it's probably the best way.  Dell and other manufacturers have also striped the right to purchase Windows XP pre-loaded on their systems.  Unless you have a copy of Windows XP upgrade/full or an OEM copy that's never been used, you will in essence be forced to use Windows Vista.

SP3 for Windows XP has gotten pushed back to 2008, now 3 1/2 years after the last service pack.  Halo 2 will only work on Windows Vista.  When little Billy's games only work on Windows Vista, guess who will go out and get Vista (or buy a new PC)?

I searched for access.log via Google and downloaded the Win32 version of analog to parse the logs. These are some of the sites I looked at:

Vista can barely be found in these, maybe one person running Vista from April 1st to April 13th came to each site.

More fun is AWstats, check these out:

Distrowatch has had 456310 unique visitors month to date and of those visitors month to day, 3.6% of them were running Vista.  Of course, this site is for Linux fans, so the Vista numbers will be lower :)

Another site with heavy hits:

To date this month, 1126157 unique visitors!  Just a general site...drum roll please:

      Windows XP      59.4 %      
      Windows NT      0.9 %      
      Windows Me      0.2 %      
      Windows Vista  2.4 %      
      Windows CE      0 %      
      Windows 98      0.6 %      
      Windows 95      0 %      
      Windows 2003      0.5 %      
      Windows 2000      3.2 %      
      Windows 3.xx      0 %      

So yes, Windows XP is still king (for now).
Adam LeinssSystems Administrator

If we break this down to just Windows, that would be:

Windows XP: 87.9%
Windows Vista: 3.6%
Windows 2000: 4.8%
Adam LeinssSystems Administrator

Sorry, the last post is a repeat. JamesCssl already gave that link, sorry. :(
The W3Schools statistics have been updated through April.  For april, Vista was at 2.6%
Adam LeinssSystems Administrator

I think JamesCssl should be included in the split.
Adam LeinssSystems Administrator

Sounds perfect
Forced accept.

EE Admin

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