What is "htmlfile: Unspecified error"?

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I don't know what started it but now I keep getting this popup in VS.NET 2005 while in debug mode:

htmlfile: Unspecified error

I click break and get this popup:

There is no source code available for the current location.

It happens after the page has completely processed.  Does anyone know what causes it?
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Can you tell us more clear about where do you get these error by pasting a short part of your code ?

I guess you have problem with javascript engine... While you try to generate some kind of HTML dynamically...The pop up was shown from Visual Studio JsDebuger


Yes - you are correct about the debugger.  I wasn't exactly sure it was a JS error.  But I have narrowed it down to two lines of code.  They display/hide controls but at least this gets me going in the right direction.  Thanks.
Normally, the unspecified erros are caused from those diversity definition of Javascript. And for some another cause when you dynamically add and remove components out of the web pages.

Some generated HTML elements is no longer recognized, but he error somehow isn't caught here, and it freaks out our javascript engine later... (this just one of the case)..

Tell us more when you go further and get exactly where the problem is ^^, (in case you need helps :D_)

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I'd post code but everything is integrated to work off of the database so it wouldn't help much.  I've narrowed it down to one line.  I have a tabstrip with an associated pageview.  The user can close a tab, which closes content (a user control named ucA) contained in the pageview but clicking an X in ucA.  This causes the tab for that content to tab.visible=false and also pageview.visible=false.  If I remove the pageview=false line, it works fine.  None of these are loaded dynamically.  I'm still trying to figure out what is going on in ucA that it throws this error.  I'm going to try removing everything out of pageview and see if it is the pageview itself causing the error or ucA inside the pageview.


Also, It's only IE7 and the VS.NET 2005 debugger that throw this error and neither give any indication of where it is coming from.  FF doesn't complain.

Well, that case I guess it has something to do with time redering. I am not pretty sure what really goes wrong (I need to see how you add, remove the tab and the UserControl). But I have couple of suggesions that might helps you to save time to get to the right direction.

When you close or set invisible (set pageView = false) those control, the works is carried on at server side (the page is posted back and recompile overthere), it convert your code to raw HTML representation and render to client's browser. The client browser doesn't  care if your tab visible or invisible, what it does is receiving HTML source and displaying.

But for some reason, some javascript function still wanna deal with your already invisible control... or some missing reference, or hash code ... (unspecified it says)...

Try to find in the page source and see what happened ? Well, I don't know if this really helps or just make you more confusing :D...




Actually, after upgrading my AJAX controls, it works fine.  I don't what started it.  I must have used some code that broke the version I had.  The upgrade was ok with the code I was using so no problems.  But, who knows.  Thanks for all of the help.
ohh that nice...

well I work with AJAX alot... I also get alot of strange exception :)... ^^

Thanks for the credit... I hope it helps in some specific cases, and gives kind of direction :) ^^..

doesnt give any idea on how to resolve this issue. can anyone pls be bit more elaborate on this


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