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Need recommendation for backup utility for Windows SBS

cns13 asked
Can anyone recommend a good, inexpensive backup utility for Windows SBS (Small Business Server)?  I need something that will backup folders and Exchange data to a folder on a USB drive.

I've worked with the native Windows backup utility, but find it to be unreliable.


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You can't beat the inbuilt backup.
It's free and it works.
Have a look for it in the Server Management Console. The wizard will do all the work for you.
Hope that helps,


Thanks Olaf,

I took a look at that one (had been trying the ntbackup before).  But it looks like the one there doesn't do an exchange backup.  Do you know if that's correct?  I need Exchange backed up.

It will backup the Information store for exchange but not individual mailboxes.  This only makes a difference in restoring.  Backing up with the information store you must restore the enire exchange orginization.  If you backup by mailbox like using Veritas' Backup Exec with the exchange agent, then you can retrive individual emails from the backup media.  Both will work in a catastrophic failure if that is what concerns you.
The SBS backup is NT backup but set up specifically for SBS. It only does a full backup.
It does backup exchange. But as Tray says you need a third party application to get individual mailboxes from the information store.
Or you could use exmerge to do pst files.
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NTBackup works just fine.  I'm not thrilled with the SBS implementation of it through the wizards because all it does is full backups.  Instead, it would be less wasteful if it could do differentials as well.

This explains the backup process of exchange:

What I do is use the wizards for just about everything EXCEPT backup.  That I have my own custom script for.  You define each backup job - one for exchange, one for the system state, one for your data and then schedule them as scheduled tasks.  If you're interested, the script is available on my page on backup - as well as some additional comments on why using a brick level backup is generally not a good idea (brick level - backup individual messages).
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