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Incorporating SMTP Alert to Backup Script

our backups are batch files that use robocopy.  the batch file is called by scheduled tasks.

is there a way to have an alert sent via SMTP if a backup fails?  i'm guessing it would need to read the log file produced by robocopy, and then send an alert if a certain phrase is found.  or perhaps there is something that integrates more closely with robocopy???

my purpose is that i'd like to get an email alert if a backup fails.
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Hmmm... do you use Exchange?

How do you backup your system state data?

If Robocopy is your only backup, I might be concerned depending on your answers to these questions.

That said, you need a command line e-mail program (BLAT for example) and to include a section in the script.  Doing it the way you appear to want it done (not necessarily how I'd do it though), would require a section that would, for example, do this:

find /i "keyword or phrase in" yourrobocopy.log
if "%errorlevel%" == "0" blat <insert blat command line options here
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we do not use Exchange.
as of this point, there is no backup of system state (i am the only IT person and i know it needs to be done, but haven't had time to do it yet... i do everything under the sun, including database management, report writing, etc... and so i have pointed out to the Partners that i need time to do other important tasks... hopefully soon!).
at this point, it is only data backup.

i can see where you are going with the command line email program... that helps.  thanks
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Backing up the system state is not difficult... Frankly, except for a few critical files as a SECONDARY backup, I would do a copy (ROBOCOPY/COPY/XCOPY/SCOPY/XXCOPY) as my backups.  The built in backup tool to Windows is scriptable and can backup your data and system state to a file.  To that end, if you'd like to experiment, I have a script written for this that you can try.  You just need to define the jobs and store them in the appropriate folder.

If you want to have a look, check out the links section of my backup page (and you might want to review that as well):